Celebrating the grammy

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"WE WON A GRAMMY !!!!" Scott yelled going inside the hotel room he shared with Mitch. 

"I know ! Should we celebrate ?" Mitch asked .

"Sure" Scott pulled out of his suitcase a bottle of alcohol he had bought that same morning and took out a pair of glasses . "to us" he clicked his glass with Mitch's and took a big sip of his alcoholic beverage .

They both layed down and faced each other .

"I still can't believe how far we've gone . Three years ago we were celebrating because we won the sing off and now we have a Grammy . Take that stupid producers that told us that acapella was dead !" Mitch exclaimed . Scott laughed and placed his hand on Mitch's side .

"I still can't believe that this is happening.  We won a Grammy ." Scott looked into Mitch's eyes and slowly leaned in to kiss him.  It was a hungry kiss , passionate and needy .

Mitch was giving into the kiss when something clicked inside his mind .

"Scott ... What about Alex ?" He asked . Scott just shook his head and leaned in for another kiss .

"Forget about Alex " he said and slowly started raising Mitch's shirt. 

Mitch shivered under his touch and let out a small moan of pleasure . His shirt was discarded , and then , without hesitation , he took off Scott's shirt.

Mitch switched position and slowly started licking his way down Scott's naked chest to his pants . He unzipped them , pulled down Scott's underwear a bit and took out his dick , placing it in his mouth.

It wasn't hard , but when Scott felt Mitch's mouth and tongue playing with his dick it slowly started getting hard.  He shifted a little bit and placed his hand on Mitch's head , taking a fistful of his hair in his mouth and pulling him further .

Mitch choked a little bit when Scott tried to take him all the way down but he recomposed himself and relaxed so he could let his best friend's dick travel down his throat.  He let out a guttural sound and that sent vibrations all over Scott's body. 

Suddenly , the wet mouth left him and the boy got up and went to his suitcase , searching for something.  He came back with something in his hand and when he saw it , he squealed in excitement.  He took the silver bullet vibrator and the little balls from Mitch's hands and motioned to him to lay on the bed .

He slowly pulled down Mitch's pants and placed the vibrator inside his ass , switching the power button on and earning a pleasant moan from that tiny body laying in front of him. 

He grabbed the vibrating balls and gave them to Mitch , laying down and pulling off his pants . He spread his legs widely and waited for the young boy to fill him with the play toy. 

"One" Mitch counted as he inserted the first one . "two , three " he continued until he had them all in and switched the power button on . He positioned his lower half body over Scott's upper half and hit him in the face lightly with his dick , on sign that he wanted Scott to suck on it. 

They were both doing the 69 , with play toys in their bodies buzzing and sending waves of pleasure. 

"Mitch I will come if you continue like this." Scott said.  Mitch got up and slowly pulled out the vibrator , switching the power button off and straddling Scott's waist . He took Scott's dick in his hand and lined it up with his entrance . A loud moan escaped his mouth as he slowly felt himself getting filled , and then he started riding Scott like if he was a pony. 

Scott put his hands on Mitch's hips and bucked his own to meet with the young boy and go deeper inside him .

Mitch started hopping over Scott , feeling waves of pleasure all over his body.  His hand went to grip his dick and started stroking quickly  ,  increasing the pace as he felt himself closer. 

Scott was desperate . He was gripping Mitch's hips hard and his back was curling all along with his toes.  The sensation of the vibrating balls in his ass and his tight friend hopping over his dick was what brought him to the point of both return and soon he was coming inside Mitch .

Mitch let go a loud groan and shot all of his white fluid over Scott's stomach , collapsing over his chest and breathing heavily. 

Once they caught their breath , they stood up and went to take a shower and when they were both laying naked in the bed , Scott said the words .

"Don't tell my boyfriend about what happened ."

Mitch smiled and closed his eyes , falling asleep in his strong best friend's arms .

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