Chapter 7

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◆◆Hayes POV◆◆

When I left I was still in shocked. Who is that boy? I even saw a glimpse of him hugging her before I disappeared.

Why am I jealous anyway?! He got platinum hair so what, I mean we all know guys with brown hair are much cooler.

Dang, I fell for that girl, hard. I know she's going to bring him here somehow. They maybe even dating right now, geez.

"WHY IS IT SO COMPLICATED?!" I yelled, kicking the tree. I decided to ignore her for the rest of the week, I always does this when I'm upset, I pushed everybody away so they know what they did.

I guess its half her fault, half more mine, not telling her the truth. Just ignore the entire week and pop out of nowhere.

I climbed the tree and try to laid in one of the branches. I couldn't sleep, even if I did I would be suck into darkness. All lost soul are like that. We could eat but can't taste anything, we couldn't sleep, we could reveal ourselves to people we like, and we can touch them. OH, we can also moved small things with our mind.

I know I can't just ignore her that long, so probably I will stalk her. Probably hid inside her closet. Yup, that'll work.

I looked up to the sky...Skylar... full of stars, I wish she was here. I was caught up by the moment and didn't realised I was drifting of to the darkness.

Before I could get up, I was covered by darkness.

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