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"Lou please come and pick me up, it's urgent, I have something to tell you!" And with that I hung up the phone.


Saturday, November 29th

I text Louis straight away telling him where I was before I crossed the road and ran a few blocks up from The Caff, wanting to get as far away from Harvey as possible.

It was literally just under 10 minutes before Louis turned up and considering they were at Harry's and he lives 20 minutes away I knew there was either no traffic or Louis broke all the speed limits. Probably the second one!

Whilst I waited for Louis I kept my phone on and had 999 dialled ready incase that Harvey came out of the Caff and tried to take me with him, again.

"Willow what's wrong?!" Louis asked sternly as I opened the door and hopped into his car. "What do you need to tell me?" He asked before he began driving on unfamiliar roads.

I opened my mouth preparing to tell Louis before I stopped myself. I couldn't do it, I just couldn't. The thought of telling him made me feel worse than him finding out on his own.

I rattled my brain for ideas of what I could say to him as he would know something had happened and he would get freaked if I ended up telling him nothing.

"Well Willow?" He asked pulling up at some apartment blocks. I noticed a few familiar cars parked outside, one of which being Styles'.

"Where are we?" I asked trying to take him off the subject of me needing to tell him something as I still searched my brain for an idea.

I must of been thinking of an excuse for ages as we turned up at what I assumed was Harry's pretty quickly, that or Louis was just driving ridiculously fast as usual.

"We're at Harry's apartment" He said, making my assumptions correct. He must of moved since the last time I visited his apartment.

"I swear you must of been here before?" He asked as we got into a lift and I shook my head. "Wow, I've been in a group with him for 4 years and you've never been here. That's proper surprising, especially as it's you two." He said as I just tried to find a smile and let out a small laugh.

Louis opened the door and straight away I saw Harry. He raised his head from looking at the floor and looked directly at me. I made eye contact with them beautiful green eyes, them eyes I have missed so much, although he quickly looked to Louis.

"Louis, you didn't say Willow was coming round?" Styles said quite harshly. Well if you wanna be like that.

"Sorry, she rang me all flustered, that's why I left so quickly." Louis said ushering me in as I said hello to the others and made myself comfy on a beanbag. "Anyway you still haven't told me what you wanted to tell me?!"

"Er" I paused before Harry looked at me again. This time his eyes full with plead and guilt. I could tell he was nervous. I already knew I wasn't going to tell Louis but this made me even more sure of my decision. I couldn't do this to Harry. Especially not with the rest of the boys here.

"I er, I just wanted to say I'm sorry about how I reacted about you and Poppy ages ago and how I reacted that day at the cafe." I rushed.

"Willow, that was ages ago, are you sure that's what you wanted to say?" I asked, he looked pretty worried.

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