Love of the game

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"Hey."said Olivia, Are you ready for basketball after school?"
"Ya." stated Harper.
"The first day is the toughest."replied Addison.
"Ugh you guys there's Britney and her friends." glared Addison.
"Hi the garageman is coming."laughed Britney.
"Bell rings"
"Bye guys got to get to class." waved Harper.
"Bye." replied Addison and Olivia.
"Hey guys how was school?"asked Olivia
"Good." replied Addison, "guys guess what."
"What?" asked Harper.
"I have 5 classes with Remington." jumped Addison!
"Did you know my boyfriend Remington is going out for basketball this year. said Addison.
" How is Nathan doing?" Asked Harper?
" Pretty good he asked me if I wanted to date him." Replied Harper.
"Me and T.J have been dating for 2 years." Said Harper.
"You guys basketballs practice starts in 3 minutes." said Addison.
" whistle blows"
"Line up, and spread out we are running lines." yelled coach.
"You want to do 20 instead of 10." yelled coach.
"Good job."said coach.
" Next hour we will scrimmage 5 on 5." said coach.
" That was tough,but fun." said Addison.
"Ya" replied Harper.
" Your first game is tomorrow." exclaimed Olivia.
" And then we have one Thursday."said Addison.
" Guys let met at my house at 5:30 tonight." said Addison.
"Ok." said Olivia.
"Bring your boyfriends too." said Harper.
"Ok. said Addison, " he might be busy though, but I'll ask.

Hi! Do yo like it so far? I'm not very good, but I'll try to make it a fun story.
Hope you like it.

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