Docter day part 2

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Yay. We are at the doctors again. Once again we sit in the lobby that smells of the air fums of sick people that is trying to be covered with there year old frabrees in the corner. When the same nurse as last time calls my name we go to the back room. We sat there forever then the doctor came in. We need to run further test to be sure but Katie we think you have lukimia. I gulped down tears and my dad managed to do the same. I did the test that were asked of me the I went into the bathroom. I rubbed water on my face then the glare of the mirror showed that there was a window. I quickly climbed out the window and ran to the only place I knew was safe. The sanctuary. when i got there i went to the cubs they felt unwise so i went in with the big lion and sat down. i looked at me as if it knew i shouldnt be there. feeling my sadness it sat down and cuddled up to me.

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