Sore x Tasty

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We arrived safely at the place where the second exam was located, and I instantly rushed to Killua, hugging him:-I missed you so much!!- I said to him, who now was all red and just stared at me with wide eyes.
-what happenend? A second before you were behind me and then you disappeared like smoke!- he complained:-I don't care if you die, but at least next time take your bag with you! It's just so damn eavy, what the hell did you put inside?-I was hurt:-so... you don't care?- I whispered sadly, then I cried out, punching him:-Then I won't help you anymore!!- I said, storming away from him as he screamed that I never helped anyway.

Grrr!! I hate him!! Well, not really... but I'm pissed.

Kurapika approached me carefully:-I don't know if you want, but maybe a little talk can help...- but the bell of the second phase stopped every try for making me feel better.

Is starting! I'll show him what I am capablee of doing!!

The examiners explained that the second part of the exam was splitted in two and was setted on cooking.

First delicacy: roasted pork.

I already knew where the great stamp was, but I needed a plan before attacking it, so i walked towards the place slowly, but then I heard some people talking and one of them said my name, so I walked towards them, spotting there Gon and Killua.
-You should say sorry to [name], you two are close friends, right?-
-Why should I be the one sorry? It was her who ran away!-
-She lost herself, it wasn't her fault!-
-It was her fault if the got lost! And even if it wasn't, she needs to take care of herself more, I can't be always there to save her...- he looked towards where I was and I hidden behind the tree next to me.
-so you were worried about her... aww, you really are shy Killua!- gon laughed:-And here I tought you really meant what you said to [Name]...- I smiled as I heard the embarassed voice of the silverette saying to Gon to lower his voice.

So... he cares!

I started to walk away from the two and I reached the great stamps pork, I isolated one of them and with a rock I knoked that one out.

Wow... easy task~

-[name]- I heard kurapika call me, as I smiled towards the kuruta:-Kurapika! I see you have the pork too, what about helping eachother out now?- I smiled again, as he agreed.
-You look happier, something happened?-
He asked, while I told him what I heard before:-I'm happy that Gon and Killua are becoming friends...- I explained:-and also that we are.- I said, looking at the tall blonde who just smiled at me, knowing that I was fine now.
Then we took the pigs back and putted them on the little campfire kurapika made saying that I knew(thanks to gotoh's lessons) how much it would have took to cook and I helped kurapika to roast it right.
Together we passed the first trial, but I knew that the second was very harder, and a simple deal like that wouldn't have helped.

Second delicacy: Nigiri sushi!

After number 255 angered menchi, I didn't knew if try making the food or just wait for Netero, but looking at the clueless people around me I noticed an even more important thing:

Where was Pokkle??

Tinking about it, the number 58 was a totally random person that seemed weak and stupid, not at all fitted for being a hunter, that most likely wouldn't have passed the next phases if the exam.

It's becouse I am here?

-[name]? [Name] are you listening?- I heard Gon ask, then I snapped off my tough and looked at him:- Do you know how to make nigiri sushi?- he asks me again, and I nod briefly, then I take his and Kurapika arm, asking them to take Leorio's and Killua too and I directed the group towards the pond.


-I will tell you what nigiri sushi is and how is made, if one of you do something for me in return.-
-just one of us?- asks me Gon, surprised by the deal:-is not that much...-
I started the explanation, since they were my friends anyway:-Nigiri sushi is made by a little ball big as a egg of pressed rice with a little of vinegar and a single slice of fish on it. Even tough that is usually made by salt waters types of fish only. Now, for the deal, one of you has to catch a fish for me too...please?- I ask, shyly, to my new friends, as Gon makes a big big smile and hugs me:-Thank you [Name], you saved us a lot of thoughts and work, and then,fishing is my specialty so leave that to me!- I return Gon's hug squealing:-Thank you Gon!!-
Killua took my arm angry:-Stop this lovey-dovey crap already!!- then he said that he will have fulfilled the deal and took me away from the others.
-listen...[name]... I'm sorry for before...-
-It's ok~- I immediately said.
-I wasn't thinking straight... wait, what?- he looked at me in disbelief, as I hugged him:-I'm happy that you care...- then I stood up on my toes and kissed his cheek, making him blush all the tonalities possibly of red, from beef to scarlet.
-W-We-Well then...T-The fish, right!- he said stuttering, while i laughed at his reaction.
We raced to the pond again and we found also Hisoka there, and i had an idea, an EVIL idea.
-Killua, why don't we trick him?- i whispered to my friend, wthat asked me what i had in mind: - we make a plate that don't is nigiri sushi and we trivk him that it is, then we wait for him to present that to menchi and we laugh at how depressed he becomes after... :3-
-That's... Genial!- he sais, and as he proceeded making the fake nigiri, i did the true one for both.

As predicted Hisoka copied Killua's plate, and i stopped mKing the sushi for Looking at his reaction.
-THIS IS NOT EVEN SUSHI!!- said menchi angered, as me and Killua snikered behind our table, looking at the depressed magician, that just took a hand to his shoulder and patted himself.

-THIS ISN'T EDIBLE!!-screamed Menchi at me as I presented my plate:- the rice is lowly pressed and the taste is plain as a white t-shirt!-
-what's wrong with the white t-shirts, geez...- I said, rubbing my head as I failed just like the rest:-If Lalah would have been here, she would have won...- I said sadly:- i guess that you don't get the ability to cook by eating.-
Then Todo make his "rejected-hight-school-new-cheerleader" scene and I just stared as he get slapped by Buhara.


-do I really have to jump?- I asked myself in front of the big mountain:
-come on, [name], even Leorio is doing this!- said Gon as the said teen sweatdropped.
-well, if even Leorio can...- I whispered to myself, then an egg passed right in front of my eyes:
-Hisoka?- even if I couldn't see the pink nen of the magician, I knew that it was his bungee gum, maybe if I ask him...

No! I can't get Killua mad at me twice for the same reason!

So I looked down the crack in the rock, and jumped.
I tried to reach one of the webs but it just slipped trough my hands.

So is this my end?

I closed my eyes fearing the worst but a strong arm circled my waist and pulled my figure towards them, I tried to open my eyes but I was still scared about dying, but when I heard the soft words of my savior, I instatly opened them and met his concerned stare.
-Are you really that idiotic?? You could have waited for me! Stupid woman!!-
Making a tought on it the words weren't really sweet, but from him they may be.
-I'm sorry Killua, I will be more careful in the future...- I said sad as he continued his scowling, then he handed me two eggs and asked Gon about the wind.
-Almost here!- answered the boy, and killua tighten his arm around me.
-NOW!!-I heard Gon call as the remaininf examineers began to fly upwoards.
When me and Killua landed, he still was holding me princess style, his face almost too near mine. ALMOST. I wanted to close the gap, but then some scoffing from Leorio awoke me.
-Aah! I'm sorry!- I said blushing and trying to get down, as he embarrassed let me down.

We cooked our delicious eggs perfectly enjoying the exotic flavour, then Netero came near me, asking if we could have had some words alone.

Autor notes~

What will Netero want? Where is Pokkle?
do you like my story? Every question will have answer...maybe. = ̄ω ̄=


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