valentines day

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Luises pov;

Today is valentines day and am going to take Esmeralda on a date am gona take her out to dinner at this fancy place in down town L.A. . Today am gona make her know tht i really love her.

   Esmeraldas pov;

Today Luis is taking out to this fancy place for dinner. Brandon would never take me to a place like that. I decided to do a get ready with me valentines day video for my YouTube channel. I wore a white two piece with a a gold statment neckless and some black heels ( the outfit is in the top ⬆☺). I was gona vlog ( a vlog is when a person records what they do during the day) because i felt like today was gona be special. Its was almost time for luis to come pick me up, then i hear a knock on the door, so i open the door and i see luis looking so handsome "hi", "hey Esmeralda u look beautiful" i blushed at his comment  "thanks you dont look bad yourself" "thx u ready to go" "yeah lets go" we got inside the car , and i wanted to start vloging but i was to embarrassed to vlog infront of him so i asked him if he minded "hey luis do u mind if i vlog and u come out" " you vlog?¿" " yeah i have a YouTube channel i guess i never told you huh" "thts so kool and yeah go ahead and vlog" kk thx

"Heyyy guys today am gona be vlogging , today i have a special guest with me "luis coronel"
"Hey guyyss"luis says

"So today i am celebrating valentines day with luis and we are going to eat "

After tht luis turned on the radio then the song cosas de el amor came on. It described me perferfectly. Luis started to sing to me "son cosas de el amor que te via bien que te via mal. Son cosas de el amor que te agan reir que te agan llorar. Son cosas de el amor que e llegado yo a tu corason. Son cosas de el amorooooor. No llores muchachita si estas pensando en el eres apenas una.nina ya empiezas a aprender por hoy se fue el amor quisas manana volvera no debes llorar mas pronto lo olvidaras son cosas de el amor son cosas de tu edad lo entender tenia que pasar si quieres un amor alguien sincero aqui estoy yo. Yo si te quiero de verdad( cosas de.el amor by Sergio Vega). I started to cry because the song described what was happening to me and how luis felt about me. Luis turned my face around so i could be facing him "Esmeralda i really do love u plz dont cry for a stupid dude tht didnt respect u if u ever fell sumthing for me plz tell me because am always going to be here waiting for you to love me the way i love you" he started to lean in and so did i and before i knew his lips were on mine it felt so magical and right but i couldnt be with him yet i need to see if he actually loves me. We separated and i said "luis this kiss felt magical and right but i cant go out with u or anything because i need to be sure about your love for me" "dont worry hermosa all show u how much i love u" 

We finally arrived at the restaurant it looked beautiful we orderd are food and ate everything was really good. Once we finished we decided to go to the theaters cause why not. We inside the theater got some snacks and went to watch the movie while we were watching the movie luis was holding my hand i liked it so i didnt snatch my hand away from him. Once the movie was finished we went inside the car turned on the radio and had a little party inside the car, so i brought out my vlogging camara and vlogged us singing along and having fun.


Once we arrived home luis opened.the door for me and i said "thx for today i really had fun" "it was my plesure" he kissed my check and i left inside my house. I did my night routine and just when i was about to go to sleep i got a txt from luis "buenas noches hermosa que suenes con los angelitos " "graciass tu tambien" i loved these little txt messages he would send me i think am in love with him...

Heyyy long time no see. I hope u guys enjoyed this long chp plzz vote and coment wat u think plzzz. I hope u all have a nice valentines day ❤.

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