Chapter 1

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(Where we left off)

I was sitting on the jet cradling the twins in my arm. They look so cute when they are sleeping. I wonder if Torrian will ever come back to see them grow up. Will they even remember him? How is our life going to be without him? I just have soo many questions running through my head. Is this all a dream?

I had too break my thoughts and go get the twins covers out of their diaper bag. I opened it and it was a small box. I took the box out and opened It. It was an....ENGAGEMENT RING?!?!? I don't even know what to say. I just smiled and put it on my finger. Imma wear this ring for the rest of my life. It was a note folded up under the box.

Dear Jhene,

Bae I know this is not really the right time to do this but it's either now or never. You know you will always have my heart right? You have always been my number one priority ever since I seen you. You my down bitch. We been through hell and back. It hurts me so much to know that we will be separated. My life isn't complete without you and my kids. I will see you one day though. I love you.❤

P.S put that Damn ring on yo finger. I know you debating on weather you should put it on or not.

Love yo bae Torrian.

I smiled and put the ring on my finger. He knows me so well. I have so many different emotions going through my head right now. I gotta lot of shit on my mind.

I still haven't came to my senses that this is really happening to us. I started to reminiscent about me and Torrian and all that we have been through.


Since you know everything about me tell me about you" she said. even the way she talk is sexy. She got a nigga going crazy man."

"Well I'm 17 I just moved here to further my empire and.... I like you." she started to blush

"Why would you like a girl like me? I mean look at me I look a damn mess. you could have any Girl you want so why me?" she asked me on the verge of crying.

"What do you mean you are beautiful ma. I like you because your sweet and cute. Damn. I can't even believe I'm telling you all this shit. I ain't never talked to a girl like this before. most of the girls that I've Been with only want my money. they never even tried to get to know me." I said thinking about my ex's. Most of them did me petty so I just started fucking other bitches with no remorse.

"Wow no one has ever told me that before" she said

(End of Flashback)

Think about all the good times we had made me start crying. I wasn't ready for all all of this. I was thinking so hard about this whole situation that my head started hurting.


"I'm sorry. I didn't know that you felt like that. that's exactly why I need you to tell me how you be feeling. I won't know until you tell me wassup. I promise that I will wake up by your side or tell you where I'm about to go. okay?"

"Okay" I said and started back cooking. We all ate talked and laughed.

(End of Flashback)

Porsha came over and gave me a hug. I forgot she was even here. I know she feeling some type of way too. She loved Jamal with all her heart. The way we feeling right now is indescribable. I'm lost for words.

"I have something to tell you" she said.

"Tell me... I hope it's good because I don't think I can take anymore bad news."

"I'm pregnant. " she said

"Did you tell Jamal ?"

"No" she said and put her head down. I knew she was ashamed but she gotta keep her head up and take care of her child. We both do. We might not have been ready for all of this to happen but it's all apart of this game we choose to play.✌

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