Were in Idaho

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"WERE HERE" I yelled when we got to grandma and grandpas house. "Hey Emmi Lou" grandma said pulling me into a hug. Then Logan greeted me, "what's up Emmi Lou Lou Lou Lou Loofus"? "Hey that's my thing" dad yelled back".

I went up to my room to put my bag down then went to jump on the trampoline Gavin followed.

Well at least it still summer and I didn't have to deal with the bullies yet.

"Emmi, Gavin LUNCH" grandma yelled. We ran up from the trampoline to find I lunch as big as our Christmas dinner!

Yum it was delicious!

After that we went to the pet store we all got chickens! I was so exited! Me and Avia both wanted the name Rebecca but she won the fight.

When we got home we went to dinner then the movies! Life in Idaho is goooood..... As for now
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