Last day of college.. For now

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Well it's the last day and the concert is tonight. I'm so excited because I finally get to meet my idols, these guys have always been there for me, when I had my bad days, R5 music on, world off. I want to meet them and to tell them thank you for being there when no one else was.

waiting for the bell to ring... Finally I can get out of here...

hey Lilly its Katie, hurry up me and my dad are waiting to get to mine so we can get changed and meet our idols!!!!! Come on!!!!!! Xoxo

Running for the car, I see Katie and her dad waiting for me. "Where have you been, I've tried calling you!" Says Katie excited, "
well I've been busy working in music." I reply.

" we gotta get to this concert double time". Says Katie looking bored.

Then I decided to put in my ear phones and listen to R5 on the way, Hmm lets see what song I can listen to, I gotta say that 'Cali girls' happens to be one of my favourite songs by them, it has a really awesome sound to it and very upbeat. When I hear Rocky's voice through the song I can just feel him next to me. Is that so wrong?

" ok girls we are almost at the concert". Katie's dad shouts to us.

"Oh my god! Here we are! Lilly I finally get to meet Riker. I think I'm gonna faint!". Shouts Katie loudly. Unable to calm herself. "Hey if I faint when I see Rocky I want you to slap me and wake me up". I laugh.

" sure thing girl". Katie winks.

Me and Katie get to the doors of the concert and walks in.

I'm gonna see Rocky...

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