Chapter 1: Alone

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Kali's Pov:
I was running through the forest in pain. My friends just died and all I did was stand there. Watching them get torn apart by dead. Then I ran, and now I'm here, alone and crying, screaming. I knew I shouldn't be, but If it attracted them I don't care. Let them come. After a while I saw them and started running again. I tripped trying to get away. Then I saw something, A tree. Well of course there's trees everywhere but this one was special. So I climbed it and watched as they surrounded me. One of them almost got me. So naturally, I screamed. This went on for a while before BAM!! One went down then another until all of them were gone. And a boy appeared, as he got closer I saw that he was remarkably cute. He looked familiar so I got down, "Carl???" but the minute I said it I passed out like a light....

Carl's Pov:
I was by the gate watching guard when i heard screaming, Then again and again. So I unlocked the gate and ran towards it with dad yelling behind me. I ran until I saw a bunch of walkers surrounding a tree. So I hid behind a bush and started shooting them down one by one. Acting all hero like I ran towards her as she was getting down from the tree. She looked familiar. Like I knew her from a long time ago "Kali?" That was when she passed out. I ran up to her and picked her up carefully. Watching her as I walked backed to the prison. "It is you, God I've missed you."

Wow. That's all I can say. But Ya it's kinda cute how he found her.

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