We can work it out

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I lay down on my bed. I couldn't believe that my parents could do something like this to me! Maybe they thought that it would be easy to leave everything and that it would be easy to get new friends just because I was a kid. George was the love of my life! I heard moms footsteps.
Don't cry love she said.
You and dad just told me that I had to leave My boyfriend and you tell me to not cry? I answered. My mom sat down beside me. I leaned my head on her shoulder.
It will be fine darling, you are a strong young lady. You have me and your dad, we can work it out, she whispered.
You and dad are my parents, it's not normal to a twelve year old girl to spend all her time with her parents. I can't leave my other half mom, it's impossible! I cried hysterically. My mum hugged me tight.
When I was a kid my mother told me one thing. Mom said. She told me that if you feel true love for someone that feels true love for you, no matter what comes between you two, you will always meet again.
She kissed me on my forehead and walked back downstairs.

I leaned my head at my heart shaped pillow George had made in school and gave to me at my birthday. I taught about every memory I had with George from when we first met under the oak tree, to when we used my dads record player without permission, to when he asked me to be my girlfriend, to when we bought out first record for our own money that we had got by selling cake and coffee at a school event. The cashier had looked very surprised when two nine years old kids where buying a record, she even asked us how we had got the money! I giggled at that memory. I could still see her face. When we move to London this memories are the only things I have left of George.
Me and George had planned a bicycle trip around the town this summer. We would prepare sandwiches and then, in the morning sneak out and take out bicycles and ride around the town. Now these plans where gone. Forever. But what if... I had got an idea. Unfortunately not a way for my family to stay here in Liverpool, but a way we could put all our plans into action.

I wiped My tears and went downstairs to the telephone and called George.
"Mr. Harrison" I heard a dull voice say. It was George's dad.
Hello mr. Harrison, it's Janice. I replied
- Oh, hello princess Janice what can I help you with? He said.
I giggled, George's dad was always so funny and called me princess Janice.
- Can I talk to George? I asked.
- Of course, it has been a pleasure to talk to her majesty, he replied and shouted to George that he had telephone.
- Hello Janice, I heard George say.
- Hello George, is there anyone else in the room but you? I asked.
- No, why? He asked.
- Because, I have some bad news. I answered.
- What? George asked.
-The thing is, I replied and took e deep breath. The thing is that my family is... My family is gonna move to London next month, I said hastily to not cry.
- What, no!? It... It can't...it can't be true!!! George screamed.
I bite my lip to not burst into tears.
- We have to do the best we can with the situation, and I have an idea. I said as calm as I could. Can I come over to you tomorrow at nine in the morning, cause we have to make plans.

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