Fionas p.o.v

I run towards the candy kingdom I've been looking for flame Prince for 4 days to set things straight, but he is hiding from me this is the only place I havnt checked, I kick the door In and run towards the guest room knocking over the Banana guards, I swing open the doors to see LSP! "LSP what are you doing here," I ask curious because he normally isn't aloud he looks away quick as if he is hiding something, "Fine" I say with a sniff "Try Gumballs room" he says as I leave I smile at him and run towards Gumballs room, the Banana guards stop me but I just point in another direction and then go under them they chase after me, but it's too late I push the doors open to see Flame Prince naked holding Gumballs hand, they look to me but I start to run off, tears that they clearly saw roll down my cheeks as I run, I bang into Marshall, I look up "I'm...." then I cry loudly, I loved them both at one stage and I never knew Gumball was interested, in the same sex so it was a shock and Flame Prince kisses me then goes missing to Have sex my mind keeps laughing ate as I think, they both fooled me, my eyes start to close and as I heat Flame prince call my name I go limp then faint.

Marshalls p.o.v

I catch her as she faints I pick her up her body limp, she looks as if she has gone threw hell and back, "Marshall, is Fiona ok" I hear Flame Prince say I look up to see him and Gumball together, "How could you Gumball, and also you Flame Prince, you know what you did to her and you Gumball she never knew the reason you didn't like her, and now all she thinks is you always had eyes for her BoyFriend well EX," I spit on Flame Prince and Hiss at Gumball with Demon eyes "She went threw hell to say she was sorry by the way, Flame Prince" I float out and float to the tree house laying her on the bed, her eyes slowly open, "Thank you Marshy," she says softly "Fiona, let's brake up" I say looking at her

" don't lie" Fiona giggles looking at me her face looking worried as she sees my expression "Marshall NO I love you don't leave me I'll let you do anything I'll do anything you want! Just don't leave" "Fiona clam down we won't brake up more like time apart" she looks at me with a loving expression "You will come back?" she say " Yes I promise" she pushes me down kissing me with tears in her eyes I kiss her back she slowly takes of her top I kiss her again while taking my top off, "I love you and trust you" she says as she takes of her last item of clothing I push her down.

Fionas p.o.v

I wake up in my tree house with no Marshall beside me I look at my arms then have small claw marks, " I love Marshall so much I curl up in a ball and cry softly for an hour

"Fiona someone's here for you" I hear cake call, maybe it's Marshall I quickly get changed and dash down to see Gumball, "Go away Gumbutt" I say walking back upstairs to my room and having a shower.

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His long do you want them to be apart

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