Chapter Seven

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        when i wake up i am some how smothered in heat and it is to hot that is what woke me in thefirst place. when I move a little i see both Paul and Jake and they are burning hot and they some how wraped around me. They both have one of their arms griping my wast. I am am being sufacated in their heat. I feel realy hungry so i some how untangle myself and every one is asleep I look at the clock and it is 10:26am. So I go down and look in the fridge and grab a leftover meatloaf and put a piece in the microwave. After it is ready I eat but  does not taste right and I feel like I'am going to puke but I finish it and clean my plate. I go up get a towel and bra and matching underware and go and take a shower.      

        I get out the shower and dryoff put on my bra and panties and go back to my room and remember that charlie wants to talk to me it must not be that important because he went to work. I walk in to see travis talking on the phone but hangs up angrily then turns to see me.

 "What's wrong" i asked

"well the person i wanted you to talk to canceled on me" he said frusterated\

"It's fine today I have to trou out the old clouse and wash my new ones. When do you want to be droped off? Wait where are you staying?" 

"Ooh...humm... I was coming to see you snd stay at my freinds until I go back today dont worrie i called a taxi." he said and I frown. I will miss him nut I know I will See him again soon.

"okay, do you want to help clean out my closet then?" do for the next 5 min of hearing his snide coments about my stile while i was here.We starat to wake every one but they do not want to wake up so i go get bucket of water and dup it all over them an  we ran for are lifes as they stated to yelling an chasing us outside where we run around the yard then i am tackeled to the ground by Paul I land on my back with him on me.But i dont meet his eye.

"Okay get off i am sorry." i say as i hit him.then a cap parks in the front and honks.

''okay well call me after and be carful." i say my vioce thich with emotion as i walk and go to him.

"dont cry Izzy it all good." he tell me as i start to cry. " and dont forget to be?"

" a sexy ass sripper" i say laughing "by boo" then he get in the car and leaves.

"okay who needs a ride home?" i say then because they all do i talk them home.

 ********************************************   Next day monday  *************************************************

I wake up and put on a blue skirt and a light blue crop top(that seid Bitch Please) beause i do not have to have it touch belly pericing. when i look in the morrior you see my wing tips from my tatoo and if i raise my hands you can see my one under my boob a little aloso thetop of my hip one too i look bad ass. i them go and get my steletos that are blue with black under parts. then i go and grab my keys and head out.

************************************************** School  **********************************************

I pull up in my new truck and hop out. As i turn around, everyone is socked so i just put my bag on my shoulder and start to walk to my first period when i am stoped.

 " Bella what happend to you?" Jessica sneered at me with discusted. "y you look like a thug.." Why does she even open her mouth.

" Did you know that when you sneer it makes you look uglyer?" i say looking at her i just want to hit her so bad." And MY past is not your business" As i turn she grabs me i act without thinking i flip her and put my heel at her neckand tell her" you dont want to fuck with me i have put people in the hospital for less" with that i walk away.

"Hey Bella'' mike seid

"Hello Mike what can i do for you today."

" Well you can go on a date with.." i stop him by  putting my hand up and shaking my head.

" no... I am tired of you asking me out i dont like you like that  but we can be freinds but you have to stop asking me out." i say and the real MIke come to the surface.

" Look Bicth I  only wanted to get in  your pants but your like some kind of fucking saint or some thing." As he is saying this i get my phone and call Ricky he picks up.

" Izzy how you dooing girl still acting sweet" "No. Just brock that act and i am standing in front of someone who seid and i qoute 'look bicth i only wanted to get in your pants but your like a ssaint or something.' i was hoping you could tell him how much of a saint I am can you do that." "Yes I can and I really miss you I am really bored without you"

"I know but babe you will live you got your sluts." "Okay put him on" I handed him my phone, " Hello ?" Mike said.  And I watched as he looks at me up and down then starts to turn red and look away. After a few minutes he hands me the phone. "Thank You Ricky" " you welcome see you boo." I hung up.

"Um.... I see that you are way to much for me.. I have not done half of what he seid and of that I did not know half of it let alone how it works.  So.. I am going to go. Bye"

And I started to crake up laughing.  Then I get an Idea but it can wait till tomorrow.

************ After school ***************
I have been seeing how people are looking at me it is weird and I am hungrier than ever.

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