standing in the rain

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Tittle: standing in the rain
Author: Mysterygirl1015
Teenage girl whos fater fall in love with an exgirlfriend he had a long time ago his plan to abanda his duther with his assitan jack and the family bissness after she cant get her dad to stay with her she run away and jack sees she run out side the house and stops and ask her but she ran out the fasts she could so he chase her so he try to find out why she run .he fanilly chachs up to her and grabes her hand but she pushs him away and starts runnig again so jack luanch him self at her he fanlly stop her and when she stands up aganies jack hug her so not only she can tell him what happend also so he cant run away that when she bust out in tearsand tell him the turth. when an old man showed up an tell her these a wayto get her dad to stay but she must go with him alone jack dosent want her to accept but she tell it will be fine she faind a way to stop her dad but she see that herfater shound be happy so she let him go and stay in the family bussise then shes jacki in the chek and tell himthan you and go bake to her room

Arrandell's wood


Shiping jack x reader

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