Chapter 1

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"Tara get out here I have big news to tell you" my mother called.
"What is it" I yelled back annoyed.
So the background story is last week, my mother and I got in to a big argument about her not letting me go to the school dance with my friends. But I am starting to hate my mom less now. I got up off my bed and left my book "Im not her" open upside down on page 200. "I'm almost done" I mumbled to my self.
I walk out my feet cold on the kitchen tile. I look down at my phone it's 7:00am! I look over at my mom confused and a bit mad "what news is so important that you have to tell me at 7:00am" I ask.
" well I was going to wait till your father and sister woke up to tell you but you were awake and I was about to explode with the news" mom said looking like a kid getting a toy at Christmas and wanted to try it out. She was talking so quick I'm not sure if I got it all but I just went with it.
"wait mom slow down, so what's the news" I said surprised.
"well you know that place called heartland?" She knows the answer to that Q and A.
I give her a look not just any look... "the look" and by the look she knew that was a stupid question to ask.
"So anyways I booked a stay at the dude ranch for the whole march break" she said it and smiled as soon as she glanced over and saw me smiling from ear to ear.
Now I feel like I am going to explode and I start crying with tears of happiness. "your the best mom you should get a reward" I say with all honesty.
"well it's booked for Friday" she tells me.
Wait let me think today is Sunday so less than a week! "I know I kind of didn't give you much time to think about it" she said worried as if I was going to back out.
"Wait mom I don't need to think about anything I will go start packing now if you want why would" I said then our dog named Sparks started barking then I noticed she was looking at a deer in the back yard. Sparks is a brown lab with one white paw she is 5 months old she is adorable.
"Mom come look it's a deer" I say almost shouting.
The deer looks up to me and I stand still so it won't run away. The window is open a bit and then I hear one of the horses loud and clear.
"I am going to do my chores in the barn" I say almost forgetting about the conversation we had.
I run to my room to get changed in to my boot cut jeans and a long sleeve plaid button-up. I jog back to the kitchen taking the elastic from my wrist and put my long blonde hair in a messy side braid. I walk in to the bathroom and brush my teeth. By this time yes I have forgotten about the conversation. "I will be back in for breakfast in about half an hour" I yell as I grab my coat and slip on my cowgirl boots and I make my way over to the barn.
I see Firework the 8 month filly glancing over at me as I walk into the barn. "Hey girl" I say as I walk up to her. Firework is the filly I got for my birthday in September.
I do the chores then head back to the house and then remember the conversation. "Mom why would I be worried about going to heartland" I ask.
"Well me and dad aren't coming to Heartland so you are going with two other people of your choice" she said looking worried.
"So who are you going to take?" she said winking at me.

Ps. Sorry if there are any mistakes this is the first chapter I have ever wrote.

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