Chapter 6

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Next day
Juvia POV

I have a major headache from yesterday's fiasco,but I'm still going to go to school because.........
Flash back
"Hey Juvia I have a secret to tell you about Luna" Alaska said
"Hmm what is it"
"There is this new kid in our grade and Luna likes him his name is.."
Luna comes in her wolf form and attacks Alaska before she said any thing. I grab her tail and throw her to the floor.
"Now tell me who this person is or perish," I said with an annoyed voice
"OK OK his name is Kai he has brown hair and green eyes (that rhymed)" she said .
"OK you may go now my head feels like it going to burst," I said .
End of flash back

Oh he's right there hehe (メ ̄▽ ̄)︻┳═一 he looks confused hihi

"Are you the new student here in Chaparral high," I said with my sweetest voice.

"Yes I am and you are..," Kai said

"I'm the sister of the gamer clubs President, I'm sure she talked about her sisters didn't she," I said

"Oh you must be Luna's older sister,Juvia, right?"

"Yeah that's me"

"Oh by any chance can you keep a secret from all your sister , Luna said your the best secret keeper,"

"Yeah don't worry I never tell a soul trust me" I said reassuringly.

" I...I...I....,"

"Spit it out already,"

"Iminlovewoihlunashereallypreetyandcool," he said really fast

"So you like Luna aye I can probably get you to together," ☆⌒(≧▽​° )

"Really thanks your awesome Juvia-san I have to go now but thanks really," he said excited.  New OTP gihi. I start walking around the I  see Gajeel-kun with Levy, OTP OTP. I keep on walking and see Natsu and Lucy holding hands ,ahh young I sound old hmm I should go see If the school ever got the new Ramen vending machine. Ugh I remembered that valentines day is in 3 days or something I should get my friends cookies\( ̄▽ ̄)/. Oh the bell rang I should get to class and tease people about valentines day.
Gray POV

Since our teacher let's us walk around the class room before announcements starts , I saw Juvia teasing people about what they're getting their partner. Especially Luna I guess she has a crush on the new kid, Kai.  BUZZ...BUZZ my phone vibrates

It's a text from Yaru I wonder what happened to her she didn't come to school
"Gray honey I know it's gonna hurt bit,but........... I'm breaking up with you. I have to I'm moving to another country. I'm sorry good bye forever."

What the heck I'm not sad .I should be she's my first  girlfriend, but at the same time she always made fun of my friends and was all over Gajeel. Whatever I guess this is for the best but I feel happy.

"Hey Gray-sama can I  have a waterfall  I feel dehydrated," Juvia says as she comes to take her seat

"Yeah sure"

"Arigouto," she says. When she finishes taking a water fall she sits down . I look away since I feel my face heat up. When I look at her she on the ground.

"Oi Juvia..... Juvia," she won't wake up damnit.
???? POV
"Yaru did you put the poison on the water bottle"

"Yes master I did she should've drank it by now and gone into a 4-day sleep," she said

"Good enough time to capture her while her family is at school, Let  Plan: BLOODY QUEEN.........

HAI THERE~~ so I hope this chapter made up for the last one well

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