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Ever get on a bus ready to have a great day at wherever your going? It's a perfect bus, it's empty and you know that there is clearly no chance of sitting next to a stranger because of the lack of full seats.

But then, out of nowhere someone gets on the bus, scans the seats, then plonks right down next to you.

Why do people do this? Stop please, I was having a great day and you just ruined it with your unwanted presence.

On the bus I like to have my earphones in listening to music and people watching. Now I can't do any people watching if your massive head is at the side of mine.

The worst thing about the people that sit next to you is usually they will stink to high heavens of bins getting continually and repeatedly dumped over them.

Another thing about buses is the readers. People who read on the bus annoy me because I really wish that I could do this without missing my stop.

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