Chapter 3 - Ash and Blood

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Hule. Wake up!  Candle called. The blurred vision of Hule swirled, spiralled and span - no bearings could be found. Anywhere. His mind was mush from the previous, exhausting night. It was clouded of all sense You have to find Kayla. I only want the best for you two. So, go! The words shook him; the memories of yesterday came flooding in. Hule rested on the ground unable to stand for about a minute. As soon as he had enough energy, he stumbled out of the house like a newly born horse.

Through the ash and a darkened vision(there was a large of the amount of dust in the air, all from the village hall collapsing), he couldn't see much. Still, he continues to search in a frantic manor. No. No. No. Headed into his mind.

Until he saw the most curious thing. He wondered aloud, not really processing the information or the sign he came across. "Blood."

Blood! Screeched Candle her voice layered with fright. Get inside Hule. Now! He lingered on the decision. Inside, where he couldn't search for Kayla. Or outside, ignoring Candles orders and continuing searching for Kayla. Tough decision (his mind wasn't operating properly as a side affect of last night). Quickly! Urged Candle.

...He made his decision "OK." he paused for a second "However, I'm going out again once the dust clears..." Hule pondered on it a second longer - his brain mush "Or I wake up in the morning. That is if Kayla hasn't returned by then."

Sure! Now come!  She persisted. Hule did just that, no idea why(other then doing it because Candle said so). When he was inside he instantly felt tired - as anyone else would. This caused him to trudge to his bedroom and flop onto his straw bed! He smelt ash and blood! he closed his eyes then plunging into a deep, dreamless sleep.

Hule. He woke immediately, feeling miles better then before. Just what I needed. Thought Hule. Jumping up, he slipped out of his bedroom - hoping upon hopes Kayla was alive. She was too strong to die in a fire. She wasn't dead, he knew it!

Where are you going? Inquired Candle. Remember the blood. It's dangerous out there! A look of confusion spread across Hule's face. Then he recalled everything that happened the previous night...

"But Kayla's out there! Candle! I'm going." Announced Hule. His mind was set in stubborn foolishness, blinded by love and naivety.

Out of the question you cou- She looked to find he was already out doors Hule! No!

People were searching through the horrible stench to find something, anything of their relations to bury for his/her funeral. The cry came from some unlucky ones who found them lying on the ground - stabbed to death; The blood of those run across the ruined earth - like a river across the land. It was the sight of chaos. Hule was outside checking the corpses and ashes to see anything that have been Kayla's. Clothes, necklace, bones. He inspected everywhere... To no result. However, he couldn't give up. He knew she was alive like a fortune teller knew the future (or even more so).

No. No. No. It went through his mind on a constant loop There! Kayla's Necklace. Oh no. He couldn't breath, overwhelmed with agony and woe. The necklace! There? No Kayla? This is bad! She never took the jewellery off. No Kayla! He felt sick. No Kayla. It was like a nightmare. He didn't believe it. She's alive, I know it! The knowledge travelled through his despaired mind...

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