my own life shhhhh

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You all know me as adam martin well ya thats mah name but not the real name of me my real name is craig martin yes my real name is craig but my dad was an ass so my mom wanted a new name for me and a new life so we change it into adam and its a cool name my dad is in jail cuz he always hits my mom and me that happen when I was young but I think his out  but I dont care I dont fear him  or any thing ..

my mom and dad are divorced now which is great and I have my life now..

I help others feel better and make them feel important and safe I hate to see someone gets bullied I always help them and still get my ass kik but its okay I hate people who act so high and shit idk....

Maybe you see me wired but Thats just who I am I like birds I don't know why I just said that ow well I have alot of friends now and alittle happy I think .. well I help others but who would help me and hear me like I do with others is there someone I can talk to to make me feel alive sometimes I hurt my self just to knowledge that am alive and still here ..

I know am a crazy fish  ...jk

Am awesome  and stupid sometimes

Yes I just said that ....

Well if am realy mad or so sad I ..I cut and I just keep it I never told anyone about me cutting but still here I am telling you guys .. ←-→
Soo dont tell any one kay shhhhhhh

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