Chapter 7: The Dragonbane

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After a hastened March, Gordrin's forces had made great progress in getting to Megdun having marched a while day without rest. Borin's forces were still fighting valiantly stopping the orcs from progressing through them. They had a formation that was staggering in preventing the orcs from progressing; they formed a layered circle an with every two line they had dwarves holding shields in the air, protecting them from Kelorths fire. Whilst the dwarves in front of them used their spears to hold the orcs back. With this formation they had managed to kill 2,000 orcs through the night.

Meanwhile the dwarves from Thardor had made it safely to the stronghold of Stonehelm where they were greeted by Baror and Lerin. Whuddoubela sadly gave Lerin the news of his fathers peril. Lerin was enraged and wanted to stay and help fight.

The gates were wedged shut as the Orc forces approached. They would do well to knock those iron gates down.

In the frozen summit Borin's forces were almost spent, with Borin, Kimnuc, his wife Jorsala and his two sons Amli, and Rathor being only a few who remained standing. All three glanced at eachother in tears, knowing their time had come, and led a final charge that would ultimately end in death.

Meanwhile Gordrin and his forces along with Belor and the blue wizard had made it to Megdun. This is where they'd make their final stand against Nagrub and Kelorth.

The battle was about to hit it's climax with the dwarves being surrounded on two fronts, Vlorg and Golub from the south with Nagrub and Kelorth attacking from the east.

At Stonehelm, Baror had placed his spear launchers at the top of the wall and was aiming them down at the orcs below; this would make it very difficult for the orcs of Dral to break through.

As the orcs approached the gates of Stonehelm they were met by a barrage of long spears one of which hit Golub right on the head, splitting him in two.

Kelorth and Nagrub had made it to Megdun, where Nagrub made it known to the dwarves that he had slain Borin by carrying his head on his belt. Gordrin and Belor looked on in outrage. Belor and the blue wizard signalled a head on charge towards the remaining 6,000 orcs with his 4,000 dwarves and 500 golems. Whilst Gordrin, Duregor, Hathumin and Houzzumir distracted Kelorth within the spires of Megdun.

Kelorth was spitting fire through all the windows and corridors within Megdun Killing many charging dwarves and golems. The blue wizard along side Belor rallied the dwarves and started to push the Orc horde back.

As the battle raged on Belor had Nagrub in his sights and went to confront him face to face. They exchanged blows, both full of rage. They fought for many minutes, until the blue wizard struck Nagrub down, giving Belor the chance to impale his sword through his heart. This individual victory rallied the dwarves and crushed the orcs confidence for they were leaderless. The dwarves then continued to drive the orcs back.

Meanwhile at Stonehelm the orcs and dwarves were at a stale mate with the spears launchers killing many orcs, preventing them from entering. Then suddenly a rally shout from the south was heard by Baror. It was Kyrad from Fanfoss and 1,000 men who had rode from Boryn. They crashed into the rear of the orcs forces and in doing so surrounded them. Kyrad smashed through with a real urge and determination. Leading with his spear which he struck through the neck of Vlorg. Therefore forcing the orcs to retreat as they were leaderless. This was a great victory for Kyrad and Baror.

At Megdun the battle between Belor's forces and the orcs was nearly at an end. However Kelorth still remained a dominant threat. Gordrin, Duregor had split up from Hathumin and Houzzumir to try and divide Kelorths attention, as he continued to crush the walls and buildings. Gordrin knew that there were many spear launchers on the towers of Megdun and he continued to clime higher to try and access one. Duregor in an attempt to help him shoot numerous crossbow arrows at Kelorth which then gains his attention. Kelorth then drives into the building Duregor was standing on and swept him off his feet. Kelorth then turned his attention to Gordrin who was nearly at a spear launcher, as Gordrin gained closer and closer so did Kelorth. As Gordrin grasped the spear launcher Kelorth destroyed it, forcing Gordrin to grab hold of Kelorths scales, at this point Gordrin was on the back of Kelorth but was so focused on hanging on for dear life, couldn't deploy a striking blow.

At that moment Duregor regained his consciousness and saw a spear thrower to his left, he moved to arm it, once he had it armed he tried to focus on a decent shot. Hathumin and Houzzumir just watched in hope. Duregor fires numerous spears but couldn't get a hit, until his last spear pierced the right wing of Kelorth sending him to the ground. It however wasn't the deathblow. As Kelorth was arrowing towards the mountain rock below, Gordrin managed to gain some balance and with that balance was able to send his sword right through the back of Kelorths neck. However in doing so Kelorth bound by pain started spiralling which caused Gordrin to lose his grip and fall to the rock below therefore killing him.

Both Kelorth and Gordrin fell in battle that day, to which Gordrin's son Belor was heard throughout the mountain when he screamed in grief at what he had saw.

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