I was driving home on Fanciful Ave. which is in the middle of no where, when I notice a truck stuck in a ditch. Being the nice citizen I am, I decide to keep on driving past them and continue on my merry way. I look back up at the road and see a person in the middle of the road, I hear a thump and I swerve off into the other ditch.

"Oh my gosh! I just killed someone! There is a dead person around me! I am going to go to jail for murder. Oh my gosh! OhmygoshOhmygoshOhmygosh!" I quickly check myself for any injuries and then kick the door open and get out. I climb out of the ditch in a rush and pull myself over the edge. My hand catches some loose rocks and I start falling but a hand quickly snatches my wrist.

"Dear lord I am being grabbed by a dead man! I am crazy! I have officially lost my mind!" I scream. The person halls my flailing body over the edge and I crash land on top of them. I scream as I get off of who I thought was a dead person and look at who is is.

"DANIEL ADAMS!?!?" I screech as he lays on the ground laughing. He acts completely oblivious as if I didn't almost kill him! "Why the heck were you in the middle of the road? Is this all just some sick joke to you? Seriously!?!? Now I wish I had killed you! You caused me to wreck my car and I thought I committed manslaughter!" I was fuming!

"Woah woah woah! Calm down Scar. This wasn't a prank, a deer jumped out into the road and I swerved and ran into the ditch. By the way, are you alright?"

"Yea. I'm fine. Do you have a phone to call someone or anything?"

"No. Mine hit the windsheild when I crashed into the ditch and it broke. Do you?"

"Uhhh...I'm not allowed to have a phone so... no."

"Well, It's about 40 miles back to town."

"It's about 30 to my house."

"Well there seems to be a bit of a problem."

"I'd say so. Well, do you have a plan?

"I get we either have the choice to walk 40 miles back into town, we could walk the 30 miles to your house, or we can stay here and wait."

"There is no way I am walking either of those distances. We would never make it before dark and there are wolves around here. There is no way I am walking anywhere in the dark."

"I see your point. Then we have no choice but to wait here and hope someone comes by."

Minutes pass in silence. Then hours pass slowly, so slowly it feels like days. Finally dusk starts to set in and I have had enough.

"What are we going to do!? It's starting to get dark outside and we can't just sit out here in the open. We are be basically just asking the wolves to come and eat us for dinner! Can't we go into our cars? Oh wait! My car is totaled because someone jumped in front of me and caused me to wreck too! So I have no where to go. Your truck is of no use either!"

"Well, not completely. The bed of the truck is in fine shape. It's only the front. Plus the bed has the cover on it still and I think there is a sleeping bag inside from my last camping trip. Let me check."

"Okaaaaay. There is no way I am sleeping in that small space with you."

"Why? What's wrong with me?"

"Well, even though we were best friends in the 3rd grade, you still shoved me off the slide and caused my arm to break. You also started all those rumors about me saying how I tried to kill you. Who's to say you won't try and rape me in my sleep?"

"We were best friends for a reason. You were real. But then Cassie came along and told me what you were saying about me and I didn't want to hang out with a person that was going to talk about me behind my back. It turned out you were the fake one."

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