My Story Begins

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Going to school sucks. Everyone knows this, but I hate it more than most. Good thing it's senior year. I don't have any friends, and I don't like anyone because they all treat me like crap. The only person I even remotely talk to, is my chemistry partner and that's because I have to. I strolled up into chemistry today after I stopped by my locker to drop off my Algebra 2 books. I sit down in one of the desks near the back off the class right next to the lab tables, and watch students file in through the door at the last minute. I breathe a sigh of relief that neither Daniel nor Cassie are in any of my classes this year. But I guess my relief is short lived since Daniel Adams strolls through the door with a hall pass in his hand. Ridiculous. To top it all off, the only open seat in the classroom, is the one right behind me. Greeaaaat. I swear the universe is against me in life.

I watch as Daniel looks about the room and his eyes land on me with a smirk on his face as he stalks to the only open desk. I just want the floor to open a giant hole and to eat me up. But it's life and things like that just don't happen. Finally after what seems like years, he takes the seat behind me and stretches his legs out on either side of my desk, caging me in. I turn around and glare at him and Daniels smile only gets bigger. I face forward again and try to concentrate on what Mrs. Taff was saying. When he is this close to me, I feel like I am losing my mind, so I focus on taking notes. Much better.

I am so focused that I don't even notice that everyone is paired up and standing at a lab table. Everyone but me that is. Mrs. Taff is standing right in front of me, hands on hips, staring me down.

"Are you done? Or would you still like everyone to wait on you?" she said. I mumble an apology and ask where I go.

"Your partner is Daniel. If you were paying attention, you would know that."

"What!? I can't be partners with him! Please, pair me up with anyone else but him!"

"Don't shout at me Miss Wright. Go to your table before I send you to the office for disruptive beahavior."

I stumble over to lab table number 3 in a daze. I finally realize I am by the window and I open it and stick my head out for fresh air. I can hear the laughter behind me but I choose to ignore it. Coming back inside, I go stand next to Daniel and avoid the weird stares I am given.

"Now, I want you and your lab partner to introduce yourselves to each other. When you are done, I would like one of you to go over and grab some glasses for the both of you and return to your tables. Then wait for further instruction. Go."

I turn to Daniel only to find him already staring at me. How odd. He even stuck out his hand! Weirdo. I look at his face only to realize he's been talking and that I haven't been listening. Great! Now I'm the weirdo.

"I'm sorry, what?" I ask.

"Seriously? Whatever. I said, Hi, my name is Daniel Adams. Nice to meet you." he replied in a frustrated sigh. I grab his hand and shake it while I slowly say:

"Hi, My name is Scarlett Wright, it's a pleasure to have known you."

"Wow, you make it sound like I am going to die soon." he jokes. I start to laugh and then I remember who it is I am talking to.

"Just because we are lab partners doesn't mean you need to be nice to me you know." I notices he winces just a little bit but he quickly recovers.

"I just thought since we will be together all year, we might as well be civil to each other. No need to act all stuck up and stubborn."

"Whatever. So, who's going to get the goggles? Me or you?"

"I guess I'll go and get them..." he says on a shrug. This is honestly how most of the year went on. In class. It was only in the hallways when Cassie was around that he would trip me or make fun of me. How odd and boring right? Until that one fateful day when I decided to help a stranger, or so I thought.

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