The break.

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In a normal scholl from Sunderland . Harvey and his friends are going to bully a bunch of smaller students in a break . Harvey was very tall for his age, he was taller then his father , he got blue eyes and blonde straight hair.He had a fit body, that everybody could admire and everybody wanted to look like him.After they saw two students of the ninth grade kissing under the tree from the schoolyard , they went straight to them and Harvey said

"Hello sucker, you forgot to bring me your money!" .

The student scared said

"No , please don't hurt me!"

and Harvey replied

"Just bring me your money Now!"

He slaped him and continued

" And everything will be fine".

The girl with who he was kissing , tearfully says

"We don't have money."

When the bullies heard that , they started to beat him while his girlfriend started to cry and scream for help.


Mister Smith ,the director of Harvey's school , was working in his office. Suddenly he looked out the window and he saw a fight in the schoolyard.He jumped down the stairs and shout to that group who was fighting

" Stop! I said stop!".

They looked at him and stopped.Just Harvey didn't stop , so then Mister Smith called the guardian to immobilize him.The guard put Harvey with his head in the grass and put him a very nice pair of handcuffs until Harvey calmed down.

Mister Smith said:

"Harvey Benson , you come in my office now."

Mister Smith and Harvey were gone , the guard helped the injured boy to get to the medical cabinet.But it was not enough so they needed to call an ambulance.

Harvey waited the director to come back , he went to see how it's Anthony , the boy who was beaten by Harvey and his friends, feeling and to call his parents to tell them that his son was injured in a fight and now it's at the hospital.Harvey wanted to escape but he couldn't jump out the window it was too high and he could brake about two ribs or more, so he think what could be his punishment.When Mister Smith came back Harvey was sleeping.

"Wake up!"

"Umm it's morning?"

"You are in my office now , do you know why are u here?"

"Yes , I beat a guy in the schoolyard."

"It's good that you know your acts. Harvey Benson you are kicked out of school for two days"

"I'm so sorry , please don't kick me please!"

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