The Note

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   As I saw the note on the bed I thought the worse. What could he have written? Who writes notes? Why didn't he wait ? Why did he jus leave a note.?

(Picks up note it reads )
Jelly had a good time today. Maybe we can do this again.
Ps ~ # 225_228_8111

Omg he left me his number. He wants to be Bae... Omg he Had fun. I began dancing around my room like Katy Perry on her song last Friday night or Taylor Swift on you be long with me.! I think I was too happy.

The next day I went back to school a brand new girl. I had my hair down, with my bangs cut and freshly cut .

As I walked into class as soon as I hit the door I see Asia and Shadrecka waving toward me to come over.

As I walked towards them I herd L.O.T.T talking.

(If you don't know who they are you need to go back to chapter one and start reading all over again.)

As I got to Shadrecka and Asia they got excited.

Me- Hey Girls.!!

Them- HEY.!.

Me- Shadrecka I ain't know you took this class.

Shadrecka- Yeah I had to get my schedule changed after I found out Alicia and her thot army had been picking with y'all. She know I don't play that Damn shit. Benn throwing SLANGS at them hoes. AND AINT KNOW HOE SAY SHIT.!.!

Me- Shadrecka they gone know we talking bout them.

Asia- Did you forget she doesn't care about stuff like that

Me- oh . Yeah.

     I wasn't the fighting type. I usually kept my moth closed and never said anything when people start to argue with me. Do you know the person who instead of running to the fight like everyone else.? Well I'm the one who runs to the bath room and sits down tell the fight is over and the halls clear out.

Well anyway I think they might have herd us talking because Alicia walked over to us. And this is what happened.

Alicia- What was said about us?

Shadrecka-(started standing up) Bitch.! I know you herd what I said.

Me -(starts giggling)

Alicia - AND WHAT ARE YOU LAUGHING AT JELLY?.! with that lame as name.

Well yea I sat there with nothing to say . But what was there for me to say .  I'm not the confrontational type. I was a quiet girl.

Shadrecka and Asia - Don't call her that you not allowed to call her that . Hoes.

~Gw happened next you want believe this.!~

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