Heartache xMekaaDevon

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My heart ache began a year ago when i met you . Your sweetness ,your lovee , my drug if onlyy i knew the truth . You lied to me , cheated on me what elsee was there to do . But then you camee running backk not tellingg me the wholee truth . But the lovee was still there in my heart iguess iy wasnt the samee with you , you used my bodyy i thought you loved me.but i was crazyy to believe that was truee. 5 weeks later i find out that i was havingg your baby . Congrats your goingg to.be a daddy iguess he got the last laugh causee see 6months ago he found out his last girl was carryingg his seed .i felt so stupid indeed but he tried.to.turn it on me 2 weeks later after an argument i start to bleed . My baby died all i could do was cry and he wasnt there for me . to top it it off he cheated again. And thats when i gave up enough is enough i got grown and.got.tough and did what i had to do for me , i left him alonee but he lost his homee and i showed.him no grief , call me mean but remember he.wasnt there for me . Karmas a bitch and he was a hoee and i had to be set free . I lovee myself and thats enough im always there for me .

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