Sitting on Babies

"No mom!" I groaned for the hundredth time. "You can't do this to me!" I clutched onto her arms as she marched out the door, my feet scuffling on the floor.

"It's just one night Sylar Harrison May Scott! Now let go of me this instant!" I winced at my full name as she wrenched her arm from my grasp and I tumbled to the side. She glared at me while she fixed her dress before storming from the house. The slamming of a car door could be heard prominently inside the house.

Grabbing my phone I punched in the memorized number and heard it ring twice before a voice answers. Before they can say anything I start shouting into the phone. "Oh god Stacy you have to help me!"

"What is it now?" She sounded half asleep and a click could be heard from the other end.

"You know it's only six and you're already in bed right?" I pictured her in her cupcake onesie that she adamantly wore in front of her mother as a sign of appreciation for her mothers thoughtfulness.

"I'm tired now go away!"

"But you haven't yet heard my emergency!" A gust of air could be heard so I took that as a good sign. "I have to-" I choked on the words.

"You have to... What?"

I tried again, "My mom wants me to-" Once again I broke off. "The mere thought is even terrifying!"

"It can't be that bad, your mom is awesome!"

"Stacy," I drew a deep breath and whispered the next part, "she used my full name!"

"You mean the Skylar Harrison-"

"Finish that sentence and it will be the last thing you ever say!" Mentally pulling up my big girl panties I broke the news. "She wants me to babysit triplets! Stacy I will kill them! There is a reason God never graced me with a siblings and now I have to babysit three terrors who will eat my joy and spit it back out!"

Silence. "Stacy?"

Wrenching the phone from my ear, I scowled at the raucous laughter erupting form the thing I held so dear.

"Stacy, take this seriously! Or else I will hold you accountable for either my death or three others!"

"Goodbye Sky." With that she hung up and a beeping filled the house.

"Damn it," I mumbled and grabbed my car keys. Today will not be the day I surrender to Stacy's rudeness! I entered the address into my GPS and walked out to my car. The whole drive was spent trying to remember how I handled my cousins before they grew up or even anything my mother had told me about kids. 

My absence almost caused me to rear end the car in front of me who promptly flipped me the bird and drove off. Eventually finding the house, I pulled into the long driveway leading up to a three story house and parked next to five other cars, man this family has money! Why did the triplets need cars already? I raptured a fist tightly on the door and wiggled my toes as I waited. And waited. And waited. Eventually taking out my phone to check if I had the right address.

After what felt like eternity the door swung open to reveal a very naked and very godly figure.

"Mason?" I said with a frown, "Where are your clothes? And why are you in this house?"

"Sky? Are you stalking me now or something?" He shook his wet hair, sending water droplets flying everywhere as I jumped out the way to avoid being splashed.

"As if, I'm supposed to babysit at this address or something, you have any triplet siblings I should know about?" I silently begged him to say no so I could go home and spend my Friday evening curled up in bed with a nice cup go hot chocolate and my tv remote.

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