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At the mall Maya and I were shopping at "Prep Princess". Maya said she usually shopped back in a section in the back of the room. She said sometimes she took her cousin 'Lucy' to the 'Heavens Softie' area. Lucy was 10. Lucy apparently had boys gaga over her because of her clothes. But she is 10! Maya walked me to the 'Black Strawberry' area. I picked a pretty dress. It was pink but over had a black cover. And a picture of a strawberry on it. "That is their theme dress." Maya told me. Duh, black strawberry. I feel so stupid. We found a short red dress. It was poofy at the skirt and there was a train on the back. It flowed for about a foot. I picked it. I saw a white sleeveless shirt and a pair of jeans that were black with a fancy white pattern coming up the bottom. I bought that too. Then we went to the food court. We went to Chinese. I got Broccoli and noodles and she got General tso's. We ate up and then I went to a makeup store called 'Beauty with No Beast' and got bright red lipstick, eyeliners, dark eyeshadows, mascara, pink lipgloss and pink blush. We got some hair stuff too and a few more outfits. It was just... wow. We got smoothies and new shoes too. I love her so much. Because we are BFFs. We laughed loads too.

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