Get ya Money

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They don't ever see you like I do
First thing when you wake up
Before you put on your make-up
And they don't really know you like I do
Cause with me you ain't the same
You ain't gotta run no game
Girl cause what

*Hazel in mm*

Neya POV

I woke up from my sleep with a massive headache, i cant believe the dream i just had. Jordan was laying on my stomach sleep & i was drowned in my thoughts. I hope this court thing go well today, i think it will though.

" Bae why you up" Jordan said in his sleepy voice , i was thinking the same thing due to it only being 2am.

" i cant sleep im thinking too  hard" he raised up and laid beside me, then he opened his arms...

" come here" i scotted closer to him and he wrapped his arms around me while i placed my head on his chest. I think i went right to sleep after that.

I woke up to the sun shining in my face and Jordan wasnt beisde me. I wiped my eyes and stepped out of bed, my legs felt so weak. Jordan would probably laugh at me if he saw how i was walking. I went to the bathroom and handled my hygiene still thinking about my dream. After i was done i went roaming around the house for Jordan but i didnt find him so maybe he had a early class. I went back to my room and dried off also applying lotion. I put on my black bra and panty set then my black bodycon dress with my black blazer. I  addded light makeup to my face with a  red lip & put on my black red bottoms heels. I did my hair in a quick style & looked over myself in the mirror. I was trying to get myself together emotionaly because i know how i can get. 

I sat on the couch just staring off into space when i heard my door open then close. Jordan appeared in front of me with food in his hands. I smiled at him and he leaned down to place a sweet kiss on my lips.

" goodmorning baby you look gorgeous"

"thanks babe" i was looking down at my nails only because i was so nervous but i was also ready to get this over with. 

" i  brought you food with your favortite from starbucks" 

"thanks" i said as he handed me my food, i rememebered i needed to call my lawyer.... 


I exited the court house feeling free as ever and i was ready to celebrate, it wasnt over but we were so close till it being over. I got in my car and called my mama i havent talked to her in awhlle. 

Me: hey mama what are you doing..

Madre: girl nothing how was court...

Me: it actually was good, we will resume in a week i just cant wait to get this over with...

Madre: me either baby girl but I'm cooking breakfast if you wanna come over...

Me: *laughs* Ma it's like 1 in the afternoon.

Madre: so don't get smart Neya you ain't to old to get yo ass beat, maybe I wanted brunch or sumn'....

Me: W/e ma okay but I'll be right over after I change.

Madre: okay bye baby girl...

I hung up the phone as I was pulling into my driveway. Jordan car was parked outside so im guessing his classes was over for the day. I grabbed all my stuff and got out the car entering my house. It was super quiet and I'm thinking he might be sleep. I went upstairs instantly taking off my heels and saw him laying in the bed on his back. One of his hands was in his pants and the other was covering his face. I climbed on top of him straddling his lap he woke up so quick..

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