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Everything is falling apart,

people dying every day.

Something has to change, no doubt,

there has to be another way.


Children dying, women slaves,

the men are the reason why.

Instead changes things by ourselves,

we accept the way they tell their lie.


What are we doing?

Why are we just waiting?

No one has ever changed a thing,

sitting around and hesitating.


Slowly now, we see the problem,

and the way we should react.

Our anger building, bound to break,

though the date is not exact.


We rebeled against the british,

when they tried to take our rights.

We started a war across a sea,

that lasted so many nights.


Cuba declared its independence,

also through a war.

They got our help,

which evened up the score.


A hundred wars,

we fought and won.

Blood was spilt,

we joined as one.


So if we were to start another,

how could that change the world?

A revolution of a country,

starting with just one angry girl.

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