Chapter 3

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"Kyle" I scearmed.

" Coming" Kyle said.

" Why did you hit me".

" It was an accident Bay, I really didn't mean too".

"Right, everything you do is an accident".

Before he could say a word I walked out. But then I heard him yell something to me.

"We will see about that the next time you have that dream, and you call for me, I won't come" he said.

I just kept on walking because i know he would.

That night i was getting ready for bed, the only thing i could thing of was , was he being serious about the whole dream thing, it was bad what those dreams do to me, and to hear my brother say that he wouldn't be there really did hurt. I got in bed, trying to fall asleep i was so scared that when i have that dream nobody would come. I just layed there being still. I fianlly let the darkness come over me.

I woke up in a small room, there was people in there, being and acting crazy, they was trying to grab me and kill me i kept screaming for help but nobody came.

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