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"Don't worry I'm just in my feelings. It's not a bad thing bae. It's nice to have someone that understands me bae. Cause we're the real thing bae. I really love the fact that you can feel me bae. In my feelings.- Kevin Gates ❤

(Roz in the MM!!!)

Caine POV

When i got done handling business, i went home. i got in the shower.I threw on some chill shit & headed back to Cam's. When i got there, the door was open. Why would she leave her front door open? Anyways, i went in the house to see it all tore up. There was glass everywhere, every thing was on the floor. It was all bad. "Cam!" i yelled. I ran thru the house looking for her. I didnt see her anywhere, i ran upstairs & i saw her in the corner of her room. There was blood everywhere. She was limp but still breathing. I went over to her & picked her up bridal style. She tried to fight me, she was throwing swings & all.

"Its okay Cam, its me." i assured her.

"He raped me Caine." she cried.

"Who? Who did this?" i said. She looked so bad, it made me feel so bad.

"You left, you werent here for me. He raped me & beat me." she said.

"Im sorry Cam, please tell me who did this?" i panicked.

"Jimmy, he hurt me Caine." she said.

"I need to get you to the hospital." i said. She started to go unconcious. "Ba-...Baby?" i said. I rushed her to the car. I sped to the hospital. When we got there, i carried her limp body into the ER. "I need help!" I yelled. They put her on a stretcher & wheeled her to a room.

After hours in the waiting room, the doctor came out. I hopped up.

"How is she doc?" I said.

"She's doin fine, for now. She's in a coma, you got her here just in time. She passed out from internal bleeding which could've lead to death. Hopefully, she wakes up from the coma. Camrie is very lucky to have you. You can go see her." He said.

"Alright, thanks." I said heading to the room. When i walked in, she was so pale, w. Scars on her face. She didnt look horrible, but she wasnt for show either. I went over & sat by the bed. I grabbed her hand & rubbed it w. My thumb.

"Im sorry." I said over & over again. I just pray that she pulls thru.

Romy POV

"Babe." Siyan said.

"Yea?" I asked.

"I want some candy."

"Ok? Whatchu want me to do?" I asked. She stale faced me. "Alright, what kind?"

"Everything..." she said.

"Ight, i'll be back." I said puttin my hoodie & my nike slides on. I walked downstairs & seen my mama on the couch.

"Hi Romy." She said.

"Hi?" I said sternly. I grabbed my keys & headed out. Not bothering to ask my mama what she wanted, was probably gone tell me a damn dime bag. Im not finna entertain her. I got to the store & got all types of candy for my baby. From snickers, to now & laters, to starburst. Enough to last her a damn month. I got me some shit & paid for it. When i left, i decided to get somethin to eat. After that i headed back to the house. When i got there, mama was makin her somethin to eat. How you gone be a retired crackhead & then all of a sudden come cook in somebody kitchen? But thats still my mama & i gotta respect her. I got back to Siyan. I gave her the boat load of candy & her eyes lit up.

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