August 29, 2015

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'Dun dun dun dun dun-'

My phone is ringing... Who calls someone at 6:49 am on a Saturday?! I look at my phone and its Lucas
(Phone convo L= Lucas and N=Nico)
N: Hi Lucas. What do you need?

L: Hey girlfriend I was wonder if you wanted to go the skate park with meh only if you like want to! Ya know that super totes hawt guy Lucas is gonna be there!

He said this in the most feminine voice I've ever heard

N: Oh my God never ever talk like that again, but sure I'll go with you what time?

I was cracking up but due to me just waking up it sounds like a cough...

L: Open your window cause we're going like right now.

N: You're outside?!

I said while walking towards my window

L: Yup! Lemme in boo!

I hung up and opened the window to be tackled to the floor again

"Hey Tigger" he said with his usual goofy smile

"Hey Lucas just let me go put on some pants and a shirt and then we can head off."

I wasn't wearing any pants or shirt but it didn't matter he's him and I'm me so neither of us cared

(Out fit is above)

"ZAYUMM BÆ YOU LOOK FINE!" Lucas said with a wink

"You too killer" and I kissed.him on the cheek

He blushed deep red, just to be mean I did it again. I kissed him about three times more on the cheek, I was about to do it again until he turned and kissed my lips. I was so shocked and flustered, when he saw that he did to me what I had done to him. This soon turned into a heated make out session on my bed...

" So you still wanna go to the park?" He said with a smirk, he's going to be th  death of me

" We can stay here" and with that we kissed an  my shirt came off once again

So glad I picked up the phone!

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