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Sitting on my king sized bed I looked around the empty room. Once again I was left alone in this big ass house by myself. I should be used to it but then again who ever really gets used to being lonely. Especially when you're not supposed to be.

The sound of my phone ringing knocked me out of my thoughts. I reached over on the night stand and picked it up then answered.


"What it do bitch. What you doing?" Tishaya said when I answered.

"Waiting for Ty to come in the house. As usual."

"Damn he still aint home."

"Nope. What you calling me for?"

"Just wanted to see what was up with you. We going out tonight you should come."

"Now you know it is not that easy."

"Oh God. I'm mad you really have to ask his nugget head ass to go out."

"Oh please like you just as free as a bird. I know for a fact Chris aint having that."

"Aint nobody scared of that nigga. He can't keep me in the house if I don't wanna stay. Fuck he gonna do? Beat my ass? Oh please."

"Yeah he will. Remember he yoked yo ass up at Cherish?"

"You really had to bring that shit up? The shit was not funny. I was about to kill his ass."

"Yeah right. But what are you going out for?"

"I want to be ratchet for a minute. Just ask that nigga and come on."'

"What am I supposed to do? Ask his picture?"

"Call him."

"He's not picking up. Is Chris home?"

"Yeah he's here. Want me to ask him if he knows where Ty is?"

"No you don't have to." I shook my head letting out a deep sigh just as I heard my front door close. "Wait a minute I think this nigga just walked." I said. As soon as I heard the sound of his keys landing on my glass coffee table I knew it was him. "Yeah that's him. I'll call you later."

"Aight. Don't kill him." She said with a laugh and I hung up. I put my phone down and looked at the door waiting for him to walk through.

"Wassup ma." He said when he came in the room. I didn't say anything I just glared at him. He tried to kiss me but I moved my face making his lips land on my cheek. "Fuck wrong with you."'

"You're what's wrong with me Michael."

"Care to elaborate?"

"You haven't been home since yesterday morning then you just come walking in here like you fucking got it like that."

"Come on with this shit Tasha." He said after sucking his teeth.

"Come on nothing. I'm here by my damn self while you out doing whatever the fuck it is you doing."

"I'm working."


"It's not bullshit. But if you must fucking know I was locked up."

"Locked up for what?"

"Some bullshit. I really don't feel like talking about this shit right now."

"Well that's too fucking bad Michael because I wanna know what the fuck happened."

"Tasha you know what the fuck I do for a living is me getting locked up really fucking shocking?"

"No it's not shocking but it's weird you didn't call me."

"Call you for what? I knew I was getting out so there was no point."

"So you been locked up since yesterday? You just now getting out?" I asked and he got close to my face and kissed me.

"Yeah, stop acting like that alright. My bad for not calling you." He said before placing his face in the crook of my neck.

"You know what's funny. You saying you just got out of jail."

"How is that funny?"

"It's funny because you smelling a lot like soap nigga. Like you just got out of the shower a couple minutes ago."

'Oh my God. Why the fuck you gotta mess the groove up."

"Fuck your groove nigga. The fuck you coming in here smelling like a fresh as bar of soap for? They letting niggas shower at the county now? You were there for one day right? Oh please."

"I'm not about to do this with you. I'm home. Get the fuck over it."

"Fuck all that I aint getting over shit you selfish son of a bitch."

"Keep talking Tasha and I'm gon fuck your little ass up." He said before going in the closet.

"Yeah aight whatever." I waved him off just as an idea popped into my head. I reached over grabbing his phone out of his jacket pocket.

"You better not touch the fucking phone. Put my shit down!" He yelled coming back in the room.

"Fuck outta here."

"I'm not playing with you Natasha. Give me my shit." He came walking over to me and I stood up so I he couldn't reach my hands. He's taller than me but his ass aint that damn big.

"Nope." I held it up over my head while he sucked his teeth.

"See this that little girl shit that makes me want to fuck you up."

You want to fuck me up over a phone? Nigga bye!" I threw it against the wall and watched the parts fly everywhere. He grabbed the shirt I had on and pulled me down.

"Why the fuck you always gotta do some bullshit Tasha?" He slammed up against the wall while glaring at me. "And you wonder why the fuck I'm always from yo ass. Do that bullshit again and watch what the fuck happens." He spat in my face then tossed me to the side before walking out the room with an attitude.

I know to most broads that shit would probably hurt them but this is a damn near everyday thing with this nigga. I guess this what I get for playing Wifey.

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