Chapter 27

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Chapter 27

They got ready to leave. The goodbyes were quick and very silent. They had grown apart very much. Beth, Daryl, and Dylan walked and walked till it became time for the sun to set. They sat down and were silent for a while till Dylan spoke up.

"Ya were close once weren't ya?"

Beth looked up.


"They've been through a lot don't hold it against them."

Daryl looked up.

"I know...I know it's a bad subject for you but... But do you mind telling us what happened. "

"Alexandria safe zone. Negan wanted to take it over they had a bunch of supplies,clothing,food, shit like that. The day before he was going to attack Rick came."

She took a deep breath.

"I went to Alexandria before to warn them. Rick and the group were the only ones who listened. When Negan came to attack they were there fully loaded. There was a gun fight. I snuck over to tell them he... Uh.... He had Glenn. He found out about me telling them about it and......he....he killed Glenn.beat the hell out of him. Then he beat me. Maggie was a mess and...she.... Committed suicide. I'm sorry. Then he ambushed us. Got some of the safe zone leaders to turn against us. He beat the shit out of them. Carl about got out... Then they shot him. He was near dead. Tyresse.... He uh...he sacrificed himself for me, Noah, and carl. Then ya came and you don't know how much I appreciate that."

Tears were flowing down Dylan and Beth's face. Daryl was shocked.

"There's more that happened but it's a lot to swallow I'll tell ya some other time ya have been through a lot."

Daryl held Beth's hand.

"I just. It's......I can't believe she did that."

Dylan looked up.

"If you were there you would have done it too. I about did it. Sasha and Carol were hanging by a thread. Rick went crazy. Carl killed someone by cutting his nose off. That place makes you become someone else makes you become a cold hearted murderer."

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