Introducing destination: unknown

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Hi I'm Fiona! I'm the lead singer in this band called destination: unknown. Let me tell you about myself.
I'm 18.
My birthday is August 13 1996.
I live in California.
I know how to play guitar, bass, saxophone, piano, and drums.
I'm pringle. It's like single but hungry.
My first cd ever bought was one direction midnight memories.
My favorite bands are greenday, all time low, blink 182, 5 seconds of summer, one direction, and fall out boy.
My celebrity crush is Michael Gordon Clifford.
And my full name is Fiona Primrose Evans.

Hey. I'm Casey. I'm the bassist in the band. Here's some facts about me
I just turned 18.
My birthday is February 7 1997
I live in California
I know how to play bass, guitar and drums.
I'm single
My first cd ever bought was American idiot by greenday
I like greenday, all time low, one direction, and 5sos
My celebrity crush is Calum Hood
My full name is Casey Abigail Simpson

Sup I'm Leah. I'm the guitarist in the band. Here's stuff that means me.
I'm 17
My birthday is July 30 1997
I live in California
I know how to play guitar and flute
I'm single
The first cd I ever bought was unplugged by 5sos
I like 5sos, one direction, and nirvana
My celebrity crush is Luke Hemmings
My full name is Leah Darcy James

Yo I'm Lacy. I'm the drummer. Here is me and yea
I'm 19
My birthday is July 5 1995
I live in California
I know how to play drums, bass, and clarinet
I'm single
The first cd I ever bought was dont panic:it's longer now by All Time Low
I like All Time Low, 5sos, greenday and 1D
My celebrity crush is Ashton Irwin
My full name is Lacy Michelle McVey

Now it's time for you to learn about the band
It was started by Fiona in high school junior year
The band was created on March 16 2013 but wasn't really formed until Casey joined the band
Casey joined us and created the band on April 10 2013
Our first gig was on December 12 2013 at a bar in LA
We were recently signed to hi or hey records on December 12 2014 the 1 year anniversary of our first gig
We've been on you tube making covers for 3 years now!

Now it's your turn to ask the questions! Before we start our adventure and write it in here we want you guys to know as much about us as possible! Comment questions about anything and we mean anything! Just set up the question like this:

This is for (Lacy/Casey/Leah/Fiona/band/) [question here]

I know that's confusing so here's an example:

Hi! This is for Fiona. Dogs or cats?

Get it now? Good. Now GO ASK!!!!

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