The Recruiting

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I was home. The suns light was fading and a dark blanket of silky shadows filled my room as the sun drifted away. My soft sheet coated my skin with a cool liquid like sensation of comfort.... The only place I've ever felt safe. My own dark prison. My home. The only place where God wouldn't see me... And all the horrible things I've done.
My room was small and dark. Damp and infested with the smell of death. Not a place for a girl... A place for a MoNsTer... ME! I never meant to kill him... He couldn't love me!........
I twisted the sheet of my bed in and between the bars of my window causing my chains to rattle. I knew the guards heard me. But they didn't care for me or about my escape attempts... They treated me for the person I was. SIMPLE AS THAT.

The first time they came to check on me I fought. I actually TRIED , and there was passion. I leaped for the first guard. He was small, stout, fat, and in other words an easy target. I grabbed the back of his head and pulled my body on top of his shoulders. He grabbed my hair.. Pulled it right out of the scalp. The blood trickled down from my forehead and into my eyes... I was literally seeing red. My hand shot up. His eyes I thought. The feeling was great when my fingers slipped into his eye sockets...
But the "special chair" was horrible... Haha.. Horrible. But it never stopped me from fighting. They did. Jack..... To be continued

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