"Oh, my God! You killed them!" exclaimed my teacher. She took a step backward, apparently terrified, not knowing what to do. I turned to look at me classmates, who seemed equally shocked

Follow the protocol. Contain the situation.

"Hey! Relax! They are not dead. They are just unconscious." I said.

They didn't seem to believe me. But i didn't care.

I knew what I had to do. According to protocol, I was supposed to call my team for backup if my cover was blown. I had almost never been in a situation like this before. I've been engaged in urban warfare, but the first time I ever had my cover blown.

I took a deep breath, and searched the pockets of the unconscious men on the ground; hoping to find a cell phone. I found one. Without wasting a moment, I punched in the number I had learnt byheart, and slammed it to my ear.

The call was answered almost immediately; and I heard a tough, masculine voice at the other end.  I related my dilema to him, trying my best to stay calm. Then I said,

"You better get over here, James. I almost got killed!! My cover is blown. I'm exposed!"

"Just realx," he said. "The chopper will be there in five. I'll come pick you up myself." He then hung up.

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