Training ( part 1 )

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<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<JOE'S POV>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

"I can't wait for training!!!Connor your cousin is awesome" I said thinking about us as SuperHeros 

"You won't like me when I start training you guys." Ethan said with a mean look on my face

"Why ????" Connor asked with surprised face 

"Becasue I got you a personal trainer" Ethan said looking at us with a worried look on his face 

"Whattttttttt??? We all roar at Ethan 

"But I thought no one could know that we are SuperHeros" I said trying to get out of being trained by a personal trainer

"You don't need a reason. All you need to say is that I need you train me so I can get fit !!" Ethan said with a hopeful face

"Fine I'll train!!After all we will be SuperHeros after the training" I said 

"I'm in too" said Connor

"So am I" said Luke 

"I am in as well" said Alfie

"Me too" said Caspar 

"Thats great !!! I will call him !! His name is Joesph Smith" Ethan said excitedly 

Ethan starts to ring Joesph and walks out of the room

"Guys we are going to be ..................." Luke was saying 

"Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh" Ethan said as he muted the phone 

"Sooorrrrrrrrryyyyyyy" said Luke 

Ethan comes back into the room . 

"He is coming in a half an hour so get into normal clothes before he gets here" said Ethan sternly 

"C'mon lets get ready before he comes!!!!" I said running upstairs

I put on a grey tracksuit pants and a red t-shirt and went back downstairs. Connor was wearing a navey tracksuit pants with a light blue t-shirt. Luke was wearing  navey tracksuit and a yellow t-shirt. Alfie was wearing a Grey tracksuit pants with a green t-shirt and Caspar was wearing a grey tracksuit pants and a dark blue. 


"I'll get it" roars Ethan while walking to the door

"Was up Ethan ma man" Said Joesph in a happy and upbeat voice 

"Come in. They are just upstairs , they'll be down two seconds" Said Ethan in a loud voice so we could hear

<<<<<<<<<<<<<JOESPH'S POV>>>>>>>>>>>

"Come on Come on. You guys better hurry or I'll make you run 5 laps of the whole garden." I said threatening them 

All the boys come running down the stairs 

"Okay so my name is Joesph Smith and you may call me Smith" I said with a happy look on my face

"Em if you don't mind me asking what age are you?" Said Luke

"I'm 18 and if you don't mind I will be asking all of you for your names and ages" I said 

"My name is Connor and I'm 22" Conor said 

"My name is Luke and I'm 18" Luke said

"My name is Joe and I'm 23" Joe said 

"My name is Alfie and I'm 21" Alfe said 

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