Part Four: A New Home Part II

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Part four of My Sweet Pet ...........Ye━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━s!!


◇◇◆◆ Mashachi's POV◆◆◇◇

Its only been a few minutes, but i felt like id been standing there for an hour watching him take advantage Nicket right in front of me. His cold eyes stareing me down as he touches her, as if warning me to stay away from her. I dont know what to do anything could happen if i fight back. It took a while for me to notice but my fist were already clenched and my heart raceing. He was already so close to her but he had finally taken his gaze off me to watch Nickets scard face, 'nows my chance to do something!' With that thought I raised my hand makeing it fly towards him. before i knew it i felt a hand tightly clasped around my wrist it was so hard i thought it would brake. "FUCK!" I fell to the ground on my knees watching as he pushes Nicket to the side hard makeing her fly to the wall in oder to get to me bending my wrist as he stood to his feet.

"Did you realllly think, you could win that easy?" He put more pressure on it makeing me scream in pain "What a pathetic look you h-"

His words came to a stop when a brick hit his head makeing him fall forward next to me, letting my wrist go of course. "STUPID PRICK!! WE HAVE NO TIME TO BE PLAYING WITH THESE STUPID KIDS! Lets go before you get another brick slung at you!" There was a girl at the door yelling, she was kinda short and had really long red hair, just like the guy, that reached her butt her bags covered one eye and she had a yellow ribbon in her hair. She was wearing a uniform for what looked like a very expensive school and her top was kinda tight. I couldnt help but notice she had really big boobs, and a nice butt hideing under her skirt.

Nicket rushed over to me hideing as the guy got up rubbing his ,now bleeding head, and walking over to the girl in the door. "What the hell was that for?!" An echo filled the room after he spoke makeing me and Nicket jump alittle.

She started crying alittle and she blushed a deep red "you know i dont like when you touch other girls big brother....." she was so cute. 'Wait her brother?! Who talks to their brother like that?' "Do you find her cuter than me?" She whined pressing herself against his body.

"Why dosen it matter to you?" I started to get up while they talked motioning Nicket to do the same. The guy just shruged her off and rolled his eyes.

The girl glared at us "Get out of here you two before i change my mind!" She barked and i hurried out the door and to the street with everything we needed.

I looked over towards Nicket to see her looking at her feet clinging to my shirt. "You, okay?" she refused to look up And just nodded. They may have let us go but I feel that's not the last time we meet those guys. It was starting to get dark so I started heading home. 'mom is gonna be pissed that Im so late.' I started to run little trying to get there faster.

When we got there i unlocked and slowly open d the door looking around to see if anyone was there. It was dark and i could feel a tug on my shirt that caused me to jump alittle. Nicket was looking at me with her beutiful multi colored eyes. Sqerming alittle, she tuged again griping tighter to my shirt.

"Err....c..can we hurry? kind of scared..." her eyes pleaded as she spoke. She griped my shirt alittle tighter looked at me her pale cheeks blushed red.

I could feel my cheeks turn red as i watched her, she is so cute.......what am i thinking?! Mashachi back to reality! I quickly turned the nob to enter the house forgetting about the pain in my wrist. Looking around, noone was there but me and her, it was dark so i turned on the kitchen light. I then looked around again to make sure she wasnt here and i noticed a note on the counter.

Hi, Michi!
I had to go to see your gradmother, ill be back in like a week. Be good and keep the house clean!

Love, MOMMY~

I looked at the note with a look of disbelief, then turned to Nicket to see she was gone.

◇◇◆◆Nicket's POV◆◆◇◇

I watched Mashachi as he looked around, then i desided to go upstairs and take a bath. I travled up the stairs and looked into at least three room before i found the bathroom it was two doors down from Mashachi's room. I walked in looking at myself in the mirror. My hair looked messy and i had alittle dirt on my face and a scratch on my sholder. My ears went back as i remembered being tossed to the side. After a few minutes of looking in the mirror i started to play with the water figuring out how to work it. I put my whole body in the tub and started turning nobs to check the temperature and all of a sudden water starts pooring on my head. I panic and yelp as the clod water falls on me makeing me hop out of the tub with a loud thump.

In a matter of seconds i see mashachi standing by the door looking at me. "What are you doing?"

I look at the tub and growl. "That thing up there soaked me!" I look back at him and he just starts to laugh

"Its a shower just push the nob on the foset down." I pout and start to take the cold wet clothes off. I jumped alittle as i heard Mashachi's voice.

"Hey! What are you doing?" He shouted covering his eyes and turning around. I just looked at him puzzled my ears perked up and head tilted.

(Srry it ended so cliff hangry.....idk if thats not a word.....imma update more often now so dont fear my ppl.....whoevers reading this lol! <@~@7 NYA)

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