Chapter One

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~Here Goes Nothing~

"Bethany get down here this instant!" I hear my now forty-nine year old mother yell from downstairs. You see she's not really my mom. She's my Aunt by blood and you're probably wondering why I live with her and not my real mother. Well long story there but I guess we might have time for it. You see, my birth mother named Julia decided to go to a bar one night and it just so happens the owner felt generous and wanted to buy something for a few lucky women at the front bar. Being the dumb bitch she is Julia ordered the most expensive thing on the menu which was shrimp. I honestly hate shrimp but anyway, he spent too much! He wasn't looking towards loosing that much money so do you know what that means? Yeah basically he wanted to screw the girls he bought food/drinks for and it just so happened Julia was first on his list for the amount she spent. She didn't want to give in, she called family members and put up a fight. They ended up doing it anyway and well that's only one of many possibilities I've been told over the years, but I'll save them for another day. "Yeah mom, I'm coming!" I quickly scream out before tripping and falling down the stairs only to face plant in the process. "Bethany? What was that?" My mother heinously asks before rushing in to the living room. "I um... Well.. I fell.." I menage to squeak out while sweating pure fear from the noise and how she hates loud noises. "Always klutzy... You need to be more careful you could have broken something." She says with pure disgust. "I'm sorry, a cat got I  the way when I was coming down. It was an accident mom." I say as respectfully as my rebellious heart would let out hoping she would buy the fake respect. "Sure, the cat tripped you.. And dogs eat the moon." My mother says through gritted teeth. "It won't happen again, I promise." I say praying she'll drop the "falling incident." "Don't make promises you can't keep. God wouldn't be happy your promising again. What if you break it again? Hmm?" She asks almost as if she's the queen speaking to a peasant. "Okay, I won't promise.. I will I will try not to do it again!" I excitedly jump at the fact I might be able to squeeze past this conversation. "Anyway mom, what is it you called me down for?" I ask breaking a moments silence. "Silence is golden child! I advise you don't break it. Ah yes I almost forgot! Your father and I are going to town to get some groceries, and won't be home until later. I need you to do the dishes and laundry if you could." She asks ending very coldly and without even bothering to ask she just commands. "Yes, mam. I will. Anything else?" I ask hesitantly. "Well you could make tea but I wouldn't want to loose the house by having you burn it down, but I suppose you can make the tea if you can keep the flames on the stove." She says degrading my intelligence. "I won't "burn the house down" mom. I'm good, I'm fine." I say. "Okay, well we best be heading off, bye!" She mutters "love you" and walks out the door. Great! I think, now I have dad's man panties to handle with mg hands... Perfect!

* Hours Later *

"Finally done!" I scream to no one. "I am done, I have the laundry done, the dishes, made Tea, and bonus today was I actually made mom and dad dinner, and vacuumed the living room and dining room. I'm exhausted! I just want to breath. I eat dinner for myself without bothering to wash the plate and fork. My parents won't be home for at least a few more hours so I run upstairs and start a hot bath. As I get undressed I feel this sense of someone watching me again. I put a blanket over the small window and finish undressing, still feeling watched. I step into the warm water letting the burning water slowly redden my white legs one at a time. As I finally emerge myself in the water I wash my face with a hot rag I usually use for getting my makeup off. As I lay down the being  watched feeling comes stronger. I soak my hair and as I begin to grab the shampoo bottle I begin to hear this static noise in my head. I quickly wash my hair, condition it, and turn the water off before something happens. As I grab the towel to dry myself and the static noise gets so much louder. Almost like a screaming, but not human. I go to my bedroom and begin to put my night clothes on when I fall onto my bed, and that was it. Everything went black, I just didn't know that this was only the beginning. 

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