Chapter 16: Will We Find The Punk?

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A new day, ah well i guess today we'll discover wether we are magic users? I'm excited, it would be really cool to use magic. I get ready for the day and head down for breakfast. After breafast everybody heads to their classes. I walk with Erin to Mr. Harper's class. "You excited? I wonder what the results are." I say. She smiles,"Yeah I guess it would be pretty cool, either way I'm excited. Our lives have meaning. Alot of people give upon life because they lack exactly what was just handed to us. I may not usually look at things with such an open mind but I believe is a great opportunity." She replies with a huge grin still on her face. I really never thought about it that way, we're doing something for good, we might just make a difference. That's huge.

We head into class in a silence, which is not awkward, but actually quiet pleasant. I can collect my thoughts on it all. I sit in my desk and slide farther down in my seat. "Good morning everyone." Mr. Harper starts and heads to the front of the room. "If you remeber we took blood tests yesterday to figure out wether you could manipulate magic, keep in mind that no one in this class maybe able to use magic. It is a very rare skill so don't feel bad if you can't. Now I don't know wether you all know the basics of magic, but every few years there are 5 people born who can use magic, usually born in the same year. Those 5 people can only manipulate certian elements, only their element. There is Fire, Water, Earth, Lightning, and Metal, your blood will tell which you can manipulate. So let me get my paper and I'll see if we have any magic weilders here." Mr. Harper rushes to his desk. I look over to erin,"You are probably a fire user, because you can give some sick burns." I laugh and Erin slaps my arm,"Yeah okay." She replies sarcastically. Mr. Harper heads to the front," Very strange, we have 2 magic weilders, and they're in the same team?" I start to fidget in my seat, who are they? I bite the skin off my thumb, another nervous tick. "The magic weilders are, Erin and Ashe. Erin can weild the fire element and Ashe you can weild the metal element." Mr. Harper finally concludes. Erin looks over to me as do I. Her jaw dropped to the floor. I laugh,"I swear it was just a joke but I guess I was right!" I look around to see everyone staring at us. Dammit, don't look at me I'm not interesting. "Ashe, Erin please come talk to me at my desk, everyone please continue on with your conversations." Mr. Harper says as he heads over to his desk.

We head over and grab a seat. "So this is a very interesting turn of events. You guys will still train with everone else but your weapons are very different. For example Erin you being able to weild fire you will have to have a weapon including your element, since you can have an eternal flame in a weapon you must have flint and stone in your weapon, and Ashe yours is much simpler, you must have a form of metal in your weapon. Keep that in mind when choosing your weapon. You do get to make your weapon, but for a few years we wont get to training we will be learning safety and important information and designing your weapon that is unique to you. Yes, yes I know I be you think, wow boring. But don't worry soon enough you will be doing something exciting, believe me. But for now go ahead and talk with your friends. I wish you luck." Mr. Harper finally finishes.

Excuse my french but HOLY SHIT.

((A/N don't worry we wont have to follow those years of safety training :) ))

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