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A/N : well to my lovely fans , who keeps annoying me about updates so there you go , and i mean you irispotterlibrary and you too Qchronicles so anyway here is the chapter , enjoy and just so you know then flashed to where the car was parked .

so we got back home , on the way i was thinking about how would Paul and Medusa's kids would be like , maybe have snakes for hair like their parents or maybe one might become a horse you never know .

along the ride annabeth was leaning on my shoulders and then she said pointing to our parents , "look at then Percy , i always imagined our lives to end up like this , this is so cute " .

i smiled then said : " well yah we will end up like this growing old together , have a couple of kids and watching them grow and maybe have kids of their own , what do you think Annie " i said with a smirk on my face just to notice that she was sleeping on my shoulder , "sleep tight , wise girl " .

when we got home mom started to pack , " mom you are leaving so soon " .

"sorry Percy but a king like your dad must have his queen beside him at all times " mom answered .

"but mooooom , i bet that's how dad convinced you to pack so soon " .

"yah you are right Percy , but Percy you can stay with us for a while if you don't want to be left alone " .

"but annabeth , she " i was cut of by my mom  "she can come too if she likes " .

"YES , but there are no blue cookies in the ocean , no blue cookies , NO BLUE COOKIES , NO BLUE " my mom cut me of again .

"Percy i can still make you blue cookies underwater , i will just tell your dad to make an air bubble and we can make blue cookies there , OK honey ".

"yay yay yay , blue cookies ".

my mom smirked at my childness , but then annabeth began to stir , " hey wise girl do you want to go to my dads palace with me , is that ok with you ?" .

" yah , of course i want to go seaweed brain , i always wanted to see underwater architecture " .

"ok , lets go ".

after my mom finished packing we flashed out to my dads palace , we got inside and annabeth started to babel about architecture , me , being me didn't listen so i kept moving until we got to the throne room and found that my dad was there .

" hey dad , where is mom ?" .

"hello Percy , and your mom is unpacking " then we heard a loud scream , "WHAT IS THIS LAND SCUM DOING IN MY ROOM "  , i ran to my moms room , because she is the only one who is from land other than me and annabeth who was beside me .

"what this is my room now you left and Poseidon thought that you left him so he married me " .


" mom relax rage isn't good for you " said my brother Triton , but then they noticed me , "well , well what do we have here , the reason for all this trouble , Perseus " my ex step mom said .

" hi nice to see you too " .

and then my dad entered and said :"what is going on " then he noticed his wife um no ex wife ,"hello amphritirtie " .

"hello Poseidon , care to explain ".

"well you left and i was broken and sally made me happy again , i didn't think that it was not permanent i thought that you left me ".

"oh so this is a misunderstanding that's fine , just break up and then you can beg for my forgiveness and all well be well " amphritirtie said with a smile on her face .

" no "

"excuse me , did you just say no ?"

"why not father , mother is your wife she helped you and now you throw her away like an old toy " my half brother said , you know what I'm just going to call him fish tails .

"what i meant from earlier was that your mother broke me and sally fixed me and made me even made me happier than ever before and so you know i know about you and Aron but i chose to ignore to so have fun living alone amphritirtie , bye and get out of my wife's room " .

amphritirties expression was priceless , "bbbbbuuuuttt , mom yyyooouuuu sssaaiiid that "fish tails said .

"i know what i said , i was very mad and envious , I'm sorry you wont see me again " and then she whispered " love " .

" come on Triton we are no longer wanted here " .

" OK mother " fish tails said .

after they left i asked my dad  "if Triton leaves then who with be your heir ?" .

"your brother , Percy , full brother " .

"really , you want more kids "

"i really miss kids and you are all grown up now Percy " my mom said .

"that's great i look forward to seeing him , take care " , and i walked out of the palace to see a horrible sight .

my ex step mom and fish tails hanged themselves and all around Atlantes whispering was heard about the queen who killed herself .

after the whole thing calmed down me and annabeth got back to my moms place , my mom told me i can keep it , i felt uneasy , not because of the whole amphritirtie , Triton thing or my mom and dad getting back together , it was because of the silver band that was in my pocket in store for annabeths finger .

HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHHAHHA oh yes i got this , there you go a cliffhanger , 1100 words I'm on a troll this week anyway this chappie is dedicated to me for making this chapter possible for you lovely fan people , hope  you enjoy .

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