Chapter 2

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(Ava in MM)


(Ava's P.O.V.)

I stare at my brother, waiting patiently for him to crack a smile or something but it never happened.

"What you mean he gotta turn himself in next weekend," I ask, making sure I had heard him correctly.

He stands up and straightens his jeans out before turning around to look at me.

"I mean it like how it sounds. Looks like we're gonna be stepping in sooner than we thought."

I stay quiet and just shift my weight back and forth. J.R. reaches for some of my shopping bags before opening the front door for me. He and I carry them up to my room. Dropping the bags on my bed, J.R. gives me a slight hug and leaves out, closing the door. I just wanted to be alone and he could tell. I'm glad he and I are so close because the last thing I need is a nosy brother asking me what was wrong. Normally, I would just vent to X about it but since he and I aren't on speaking terms as of late, I guess I'm on my own.

Sitting down on my bed, I yank off my riding boots and throw them off to the side. I get up and move over to my dresser, pulling out one of J.R.'s basketball jerseys from high school. Changing into it, I pile my hair on top of my head into a messy bun before flopping onto my bed. The sad thing is, my bed still had a shitload of shopping bags on it. I simply push them to the floor to make more room for myself. The room in front of me that was once impeccably clean is now a mess as a result of my emotions getting the best of me. I close my eyes and try to calm myself but deep down, shit is fucking with me. What if I fuck up? It's not like school where you can easily fix it with a retake or makeup. One wrong move could get someone killed, including myself. With that thought looming in my head, I slowly drift off to sleep.

I wake up to the sound of knocking on my bedroom door. I grab my phone to look at the time and see that I had been asleep for almost 4 hours.

"Go away," I say in the direction of the door, loud enough for the person on the other side to hear.

The knocking continues, this time louder and harder. That could only be one person. My dad. J.R.'s rude ass would've just walked in after I tell him get lost and Mimi would've just walked away.

"Come in," I mumble.

The knocking stops and the door opens with my father appearing in the doorway.

"Hey, baby girl, you missed dinner, you straight?"

I mentally roll my eyes. Here this nigga go with that baby girl shit. If I was truly his baby girl, I wouldn't be taking over the family business.

"Don't even think about rolling those eyes. I'm just tryna make sure your big head ass is okay."

I feel like ever since my mom died, my dad picked up where she left off with knowing our next move before we make it. I stay silent and fiddle with my fingers.

"I'm gonna take that as a no for two reasons. You wanna know what they are?"

I look up at him as he moves from the doorway and comes to take a seat on my bed. He takes my eye contact as a signal to continue.

"Your room is a fucking mess now when it was clean when I walked past it a couple hours ago."

I continue to stay quiet.

"That was reason one. Reason two is that you have enough shopping bags on the other side of your bed to replenish you AND Neece's wardrobes."

I crack a small smile.

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