A is for Alicorn

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{Doctor Whooves X Twilight Sparkle}
(Doctor Who & My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Crossover)

"Twilight?" The brown pony with the hour glass cutie mark asked.

"Yes, Doctor." The purple pony with a sparkle cutie mark answered.

"Will you ever leave me?"

"What do you mean, will I ever leave you?"

"I've lost so many companions. The ones that meant every thing to me, my bestest friends, my family, Derpy and even my dog. I just couldn't handle losing you too." The Doctor responded in his deep yet very calming British accent of his.

Twlight smiles only for a moment because she remembered that if she picked him, that he wouldn't spend the rest of his life with her. She would spend hers with him and be more of a burden then any else.

"Doctor, I would grow old in front of your eyes." Twlight said with tears forming in her eyes.

The Doctor started saying "For you Twilight. I would give up time and space and start a new race. Time pony and unicorn. I would give up the stars and the planets to be by your side. I would stop regenerating. I would stop procrastinating. I would do all this to live and grow old with you."

Twilight wanting to reply with yes replied with "The Elements of Harmony needs me." Then starts to walk towards the TARDIS's doors.

"But Twilight..." the Doctors hoping that would stop her.

Twilight stops right at the door and turns her head towards him.

"Goodbye my friend." then she walked out the door with the weight of living the one she could of spent forever with on shoulders.

She walked away from that mad sad stallion in the Police Public Call Barn Box. Last thing she heard of the Doctor was the wheezy sound his box makes. The sound that brings hope and help not regrets and heart breaks.

A few years later after Twilight became a princess she meant that mad stallion again. Again the brown stallion asked
"Twilight the ailcorn will you travel with me?"

"I have duties Doctor. Unlike you I can not free lance in space why other ponies do my work."

"Twilight Go With Him!" Her friends shouted.

The Doctor asked again.

Twilight said "I would love to but I won't but I know some pony who would like a second try."

Derpy the clumsy pegasus who loves muffins entered. The Doctor thrilled to see her again walked with her to the TARDIS. They went in then flew away.
Twilight wanting to take it all back so she could fly away with that stallion that stool her heart and never look back ever again.

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