Chapter 2

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"Where the hell have you been?" My dad demanded

Oh crap, I've been gone for hours without telling him where I was. I'm so dead meat. I may be 27 but I still should have told him where I was.

"Um....I....I" I stuttered

I Couldent tell him where I really was. This was between me and James.

"Go unpack your room, I'm really disappointed in you Kayla." He points to the stairs and I slowly walk over and pick up three boxes before bringing them up into my empty room.

There are so many memories in this room.

I trace my fingers lightly over the bright yellow sunflower my mom painted when I was 4. I remember begging her to just, draw what she felt like on here. The orange lily, the same sunflower, red and pink roses, daisies.

I miss her so much.

Before we left when I was 16 and she was in the hospital she told me somehow in her sleep to be with the one I love, to choose him before it is too late.

The thing is, she was in a coma.

so how she spoke I don't know and no one would believe me.

"Baby I love you forever, promise me nothing will ever come between us?" "I do"

(A/N it won't change back from italics so just remember that the sentence above is from a long time ago but the rest is present time)

That was the promise. That was my first "I do" but he shattered that promise when he left me.

I won't ever forgive him.

At least I can keep a promise.

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