Chapter 26

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Chapter 26

The next morning Beth awoke by screams. She walked outside and saw Dylan on the ground covered in blood cursing. It took her a minuet but she soon realized she was completely nude. She gabbed the blanket in her tent being careful to not wake up Daryl. She ran to her and placed the blanket on her shoulders and held her.


The sobs didn't stop but the screaming did she looked around and saw bodies. Not walkers but men. Her clothes were against a tree ripped.

"I'm so sorry. I didn't know. "

Tears streamed from her eyes. It killed her that she wasn't there.

"Hold on I have clothing in my bag and I can clean you up. "

She grabbed her arm before she could go anywhere.

"I don't want you to waste your resources. "

"It's okay. "

She gathered clothes and her canteen and about left the tent but she turned around and saw Daryl was awake. He stood up once he saw the tears.

"What's wrong?!"


She left knowing he was behind her.

Daryl turned his head and let her get cleaned and dressed. She was still crying and Daryl hugged her. Beth hugged her from behind. She saw the scars that covered her. All over her back and legs. Fingernail marks on her breast multiple times. She knew some of the blood wasn't just the men's and that's what hurt her the most.

Later they were sitting around the fire. Rick and Daryl were catching up. Beth never left Dylan's side. Daryl would take reassuring glances at them both. Carol then spoke.

"Are ya staying?"

Beth and Daryl looked at each other.

"No. "

Dylan looked at Beth.

"We're going back to the funeral home. "

Noah looked at Beth.

"You can't. "

"Why can't I?"

"Your the cure."

"I'm not the cure I was tested on. Grady has the cure. "

Abraham stood up.

"You didn't fuckin tell us you were immune."

Rosita grabbed his arm.

"She told you she was tested on."

"I can't save anyone. You gotta go to Grady and get the cure. And I'm not going back to that place."

"Were leaving tomorrow. And Dylan coming with us. "

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