Jensen Ackles

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You lie in bed and suddently you're chellphone starts rining . Sleepiliy you take the phone up not bothering to check the id caller and answer the phone with a tierd voice. 

?? :"Hi babe, sorry that I woke you but I wonderd if you had time to go on a date with me after Im done with filiming ? Say at 8 o'clock. One of my coworkers told me that it is a nice resturant downtown.. " 

At the sound of his voice you begin to become more awake and reply with " Sure, I would love to Jensen baby <3 Good luck with the rest of shooting and I'll see you later , Love you ~~"

Jensen :" Okay love you too baby <3 Bye, ~" then he hangs up the phone. And now you are fully awake so you decide that it is time to get dressed and take you're goldenretriver dog Ruby out for a walk. She barks in agreement and you find her leach and take it on her and then you start to go out the door and down to the park where you can play with her for a bit. 

                                                                               Time skip : In the park

You tossed the ball and Ruby ran after it and fetchit it and ran back to you with it and dropped the ball infront of you. You picked it up and tossed it again and she ran after it. After a while with tosseing the ball you and Ruby walked back home where you made lunch and ate. Then you watched some TV waiting for the time to pass bye. 

Then you deicided to take a shower and pick out an outfit for the date you where going to have with Jensen. After you showerd , did you're hair and make up you took on an sleevless dress that was casual but still had an rocked egde to it and youre favorite high top shoses. 

Then after when you where done he came home and kissed you sweetly on the lips and commented on how beautiful you looked. He hurried to take a shower and get changed into a nice pair of jeans and a nice white shirt and some  black shoes. Then he said " ( y

) ready to go? " You nodded and smiled. 

                                                                    Time skip : The resturant 

When you got to the resturant you both orderd some deliscous pasta with meatballs and some red wine to go with it. He then bought out a small prestent and said " (y

) I love you with all my heart and I wonder if you would spend the rest of you're life with me? Will you be my wife?" You got so speechless and then you got tears in you're eyes and said " Yes! I would love to become Mrs Ackles ". He smiled and put the ring on you're finger and leans over and gives you a kiss filled with much love. 

You decide the rest . ~

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