Samir vs Samir

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We arrived at the restaurant, what did he mean that the Samir I was with was Raidyn? And that the one on the phone was the real Samir? Anyway we were guided over to our table and 'Samir' pulled my seat out for me. Since when did he do that?! I went along with it and when the waiter came round he carried a bucket of ice with rare wine, me and Samir didn't look up and see the waiter's face we just carried on chatting. 'Samir' uncorked the bottle and poured me a glass,"I don't normally have wine."
"I know you don't, I just thought we might have at least a glass of it."
"O-okay." He looked at me with a friendly with a slightly sexy smile, maybe my hunch was right and the Samir on the phone was right. Samir was never acting like this towards me, he's romantic but these actions weren't his. 'Samir' placed the wine bottle back in the ice bucket and asked in a concerned voice,
"Are you ok Wolfie? You seem very quiet."
"Yeah I'm fine, I'm just....thinking."
"What are you thinking about? Is it about Raidyn again?"
"I keep thinking about him."
"Well, do you like him? Or do you still think he's a sick bastard?" He asked again. Maybe this is the real Samir. I mean, Raidyn wouldn't talk about himself like that. Or that could be a cover to make me still believe him? Arrrgggg! My mind is so messed up!
"I don't know. I think I do then I don't. Sorry if this offends you."
"I'm not offened."
"You're-you're not!?"
"Married couples can have affairs with others. "He placed his hand on mine, it was warm and comforting,"I know you're not cheating."
"How come you think it's not cheating?"
"Because you were in a forced marriage with him before, not forgetting the spell. And who knows, the affects of the spell may not of wore off and you may still have feelings for him. You never know. I know I'm over protective but that's because I love you and I don't want to lose you."
"You're really sweet sometimes, I love you too." Then the waiter came in saying,
"Hello, sorry if I'm interrupting but do you have your order?"
"Two Caesar salads please."
"Oh course, and any other drinks?" He looked straight at me, I turned my head to look up and face him. was Samir, I could tell by his white highlight,
"Hello Terra." He straightened his hair and took off the pair of glasses,
"But...he's Samir're Samir?!"
"He's an imposter!" The Samir at the table declared,
"I think you'll are the imposter!" Luckily no one was paying attention to us so we could carry on with the argument,
"Stop! Both of you! Each one of take it in turns to prove yourself." They agreed and the one at the table stood up and went first (I'll put a r for real Samir and f for fake, oooo alliteration),
"I was her second best friend and first boyfriend." (F)
"That's nothing, I was the one who saved her from two kidnappings." (R) Both had around about good points,
"I was the one who proposed on camera." (F) The other rolled his eyes,
"I was the one who saved her from dying in school, got her to hospital and worked out a way to get out of school so I could see her there." (R) the other thought for a bit, then came out with,
"I got my wings by the power of music." (F)
"I've got my wings right here!" (R) the waiter looking one took off his jacket spreading out his light grey angel wings,"Also, you're not going to win my wife over, Raidyn!" The one at the table morphed into Raidyn,
"Raidyn! I knew something was up."
"Maybe not but I can still take her."
"What?!" Raidyn grabbed my hand and spread out his dark metallic grey wings and we flew out of here restaurant leaving my husband behind,"You can't win Raidyn! Let me go!" He pulled me up and put me in a slow dance position,
"I can't let you go my princess. I love you."
"Well I don't!" We slowed dance through the air as we glided away,
"Really?! Because I clearly remember you saying,'I love you'."
"You were disguised as Samir then!"
"Ahhh, but you said it twice and kissed me."
"Still! You were disguised as Samir!"
"Passionately as well..." He went not paying attention to my answer,
"Stop it!"
"You even accepted my complements..."
"Stop it..." I started to crying,
"Don't cry," he moved my hair out of my eyes and wiped away the tears. I looked into his blue eyes, they were always so hypnotising. He used his hand to guide my lips to his.

(Samir's POV)

I flew as fast as I could through the night sky trying to find the devil, then I heard a voice approaching,"Samir!" I looked to left, I squinted my eyes to make out who the voice belonged to,
"Hey mate." As he flew next to me,
"What are doing here?"
"I decided to visit you and Terra, where is she anyway?"
"Raidyn's took her."
"Hey c'mon, you did it as well."
"Yes, but I didn't do half as the bad things Raidyn did, and he did it quicker than me. What I don't get is, how is he a light angel when some of his thoughts are so dark?"
"Don't know, we need to get Terra though."
"This way."
"But that's near the sea!"
"It's a full moon tonight and all the stars are out, what better place to get a beautiful view of the night sky." We flew over to the sea and high in the sky we saw the two of them,
"What should we do?"
"You distract him, a as I grab him from behind and you take Terra away from him."
"Good plan, let's go." We flew as fast as we could and got ready to do our roles.

(Raidyn's POV)

Kissing my princess was so magical, it always was. Then something flew past knocking Terra's star crown off an fall down towards the sea,"No! My crown." I was then grabbed from behind,
"Hey! What's the big idea!?" My princess fell downwards.

(Terra's POV)

I grabbed my crown and held it tightly, I knew what was going to happen, I was going to die. I closed my eyes, tucked my legs close to my body and prepared for impact. Goodbye world, it was nice knowing you...

Cliff hangers, cliff hangers, oh how I love cliff hangers. Sorry I just had to, I know you may hate them but that means you're into the book and that means you can nag and encourage me to write more. I hope your liking this at the moment, I'm sure am bye. Shy wolf out.

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