Chapter 3

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Slender stopped pacing. "Fine you two may be together on one condition." Slender said. Raven and Toby nodded. "If anything happens Toby you have to leave the mansion." Slender said giving Toby a death glare. Toby gulped and nodded. Raven hugged Toby tightly. Toby wrapped his wings around her and she smiled. Slender teleported out. The next few days were ok. Toby was ok to leave the infirmary so Raven stuck to him like glue. Toby chuckled and drapped his arm acoss her shoulders. Masky's blood would boil when he saw the two of them be lovy dovy together. Masky had his eye on Raven since they were kids but Raen didn't remember her past. Toby left with Hoodie and Raven was in her room woeking on her music. "Boys and Girls of every age wouldn't you like to see something strange come with us and youvwill see this our town of Halloween." She sang and used her hands against her desk to make the beats. Masky knocked on her door. "Come in." Raven said turning in her chair and taking off her headphones. Masky walked in and closed the door behind him. "Sup?" Raven chirped. "Nothing I just wanted to talk to you." Masky said. "Oh ok." Raven fixed her skirt,  she turned off her music and looked at Masky. "What cha wanna talk about?" Raven asked. Masky smiled behind his mask and sat down. "Can you sing for me?" Masky asked. "Uh s-sure I guess. Whatcha wanna hear?" Raven asked. "Whatever you want to sing." Masky said. Raven nodded and turned on the background music. She started to sing Gorgeous Nightmare by Escape the fate. Masky listened to her and smiled. Toby walked in and saw them. Raven stopped. "Hey love." Raven smiled setting down her lyrics and walked up to hug him. "What are you two doing?" Toby asked hugging Raven. "Masky wanted to hear me sing." Raven smiled up at Toby. Masky didn't like seeing them hug and be cute. "Yeah haven't you heard her?" Masky asked trying to start an argument. "No I haven't heard Raven sing." Toby said with a twitch. Masky smirked behind his mask. "Why not?" Masky asked. "Because I just started singing again." Raven smiled. "If you want I can sing for you Tobes." Raven said. "Yeah thanks." Toby smiled. "Up well talk to you guys later." Masky said and walked out. Toby smiled down at Raven and she smiled up at him. "Can I hear you?" Toby asked. "Sure." Raven smiled and walked over to her desk. "Can I play this is Halloween?" Raven asked. "I don't mind." Toby said. Raven started to hit the table softly and started to sing. Toby smiled softly as she sang. He was surprised as she raised and lowered her voice at the same time. After she finished she looked at Toby. "Tada?" Raven said with a little shrug. "That was great!" Toby exclaimed. "I guess." Raven said and put away her stuff.

The next few days later. Raven was fighting Glitch. Her alternate ego. He would slice and cut at her but she blocked and cut his leg. Toby was watching. Raven jumped up and her wings kept her up. Her wings turned to ice. Raven opened her arms a bit. She used magic and the ice shards blasted Glitch. Toby didn't know her wings could do that. Glitch got up shocked. Raven had strings on her wrists. Her whole eye midnight black. She had black lines on her body. On her chin, wrists, legs, eyes, her whole body. She looked like a puppet. A figure of black smoke stood behind her. He moved his hand and she did all he told her to. The man chuckled manilicaly. Toby growled and stood up pulling out his hatchets. "Who the hell are you." Toby asked mad. The man snickered and sent Raven down. She had no life in her eyes. Her skin had turned a bit paler, she had tears falling down ur cheeks, and Raven's sword was summoned in her hand. She swung it at Toby. He jumped back not getting hit. The man made Raven and Toby fight. Toby jumped up and cut the strings. The man growled at Toby. Raven fell forward and onto Toby. She stayed the same. The lines that made her look like a puppet still there. Raven's eyes were closed she had fallen unconscious. Toby held her close and kept his hatchet firmly in his hand infront of Raven to protect her. "I will see you by the light of the moon thy love." The man said and vanished. "Bastard." Toby said and put away his hatchets then picked up Raven. He walked her into the mansion. Masky saw her and wanted to know what happened, why it happened,  and who was the cause. "Toby what happened?" Masky asked. "I don't know for sure. We have to ask Slender." Toby said and laid her down in the infirmary. As soon as Raven left Toby's arms she blinked awake. "T-toby?" She asked her vision completely blurry and her eyes still black, like Judas Angels. "Raven what happened?" Toby and Masky asked simultaneously. Raven sat up with a splitting headache. She groaned and rubbed her head. "Sooooo?" Masky asked. Raven looked at them. "Where's Glitch?" Raven asked. "Here." Glitch said and hugged Raven tightly. Raven nuzzeled into the soft fabric of his white and blue hood. She hugged his chest. Masky and Toby sweatdroped as they watched her. "Who was that?" Glitch asked as he nuzzeled her neck. "I think it was Zalgo...." Raven said. "I would have know if it was." Toby said. Raven chuckled. "Tobes you haven't seen all 100 of his forms." Raven said. "What do you mean?" Masky asked. "Zalgo can change his appearance every few days. Human, demon, demon king, the devil's servant, and more. The form he was in is called a cloud demon. A demon masked with smoke to make him hard to see in fog or clouds. Plus the Slender woods have fog everywhere in there. Zalgo could be watching us or killing in Slender's forest." Raven said. Masky and Toby looked at each other. "We have to tell Slender now." Masky said. Toby nodded and they hurried to Slender's office. Glitch inspected the lines on Raven. Her limbs had sperated and were pulled apart and had a metal bar puting them back together. Raven whimpered. "I don't like this." Raven said teary. She cried into her hands. Glitch hugged her and she kept crying.

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